Global telecoms revenue assurance survey 2013

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Our latest global revenue assurance (RA) survey determines the key areas of improvement that exist for revenue assurance functions, the evolutions, challenges and how revenue assurance is delivering further value into the revenue, cost and cash agenda.

The survey’s key conclusions are:

  • New services provide a new challenge and increased risk. Operators continue to be more dependent on revenue growth from new data services. Positioning RA to meet this changing revenue profile is key to ensuring profitable business activities.
  • Opportunities in revenue assurance still exist. Telecom operators continue to lose billions of dollars every year due to revenue and fraud leakage. Coupled with a stagnant growth environment and falling margins, this provides a strong business case for revenue enhancement activities.
  • Need for improved coverage of revenue from new revenue streams. New revenue streams continue to grow as a percentage of overall operator turnover. RA must focus on improving its coverage of revenue streams focusing on new data services to remain aligned with the industries strategic direction.
  • Difficulties in recovering the identified leakages. Across all geographical areas, over half of identified leakages were not recovered. It is important to have a cross-function mandate to recover revenue wherever possible. These require strong executive sponsorship.
  • Balance required between control execution and identification of incremental opportunities. Telecom operators need to find a balance between control execution and new opportunities identification. As new services develop, identifying new areas of opportunity will be increasingly important to overall profitability.
  • Extension of scope and broadening of objectives. New service assurance is less dependent on traditional switch-to-bill activities. RA needs to expand its scope up and down the revenue cycle to ensure that it can meet the challenge of assuring these services.
  • New skill sets required for the next round of challenges.  Most respondents believe that churn management, intelligence and data analytics are the three most important skills they will need for the next round of challenges facing revenue assurance.

We believe the observations of the 2013 survey will help telecom operators to:

  • Position the performance of their revenue assurance functions against the competition
  • Provide strong initiatives to redefine and expand the scope of their revenue assurance activities
  • Identify major challenges and areas of weakness that will help them further prevent revenue and fraud leakage on current and future revenue streams