Worldwide Women Public Sector Leaders Network

Our global womens network leader

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Uschi Schreiber is EY's Global Vice Chair, Markets and Chair, Global Accounts Committee.

Uschi is no stranger to leadership herself. She has had a distinguished career in the public, private and non-government sectors.  She is a former Director-General, Deputy Director-General and Cabinet Secretary of delivery and central agency Government departments.

Uschi is passionate about the women's agenda - about the contribution women make and the value women bring to complex decision making environments. She is familiar from personal experience with the challenges encountered by women in leadership roles in both the public sector and business. She is also an active contributor to EY's Diversity & Inclusiveness programs and was the inaugural chair of the Oceania Diversity and Inclusiveness Council of EY.

She firmly believes that women make a real difference when they are in leadership - and in support of this - initiated and championed the EY Worldwide Women Public Sector Leaders Network in late 2012. Uschi serves on the Advisory Board of the Women in Parliaments Global Forum.

Originally from Germany, she has lived in Australia and Asia for many years and is now based in New York.