Worldwide Women Public Sector Leaders Network

Our view

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Our view

EY understands the value women bring to business. We champion diversity in the workplace, and have a strong commitment to bringing together the right teams for our clients from across our global organization. Diverse teams are proven to stimulate innovation and new ways of problem solving. Involving women in decision making reduces the risk of uniform thinking and brings different approaches to the decision making table.

With one billion women expected to join the workforce, start businesses and take up leadership positions in the next few years, women are now seen as the next big emerging market – and one that governments around the world need to account for. Unfortunately, as in other sectors, the gender distribution across leadership roles in Government is not representative of the number of women in the community and in higher education.  A recent survey of senior public sector roles across G20 countries showed that only four of them reached even a third representation of women in leadership roles.

The numbers of women leaders in top public sector positions are small and it is lonely at the top. That is where the Worldwide Women Public Sector Leaders Network comes in. This network is about giving women leaders’ visibility of each other, enabling them to connect with other women in similar positions at a global level and facilitating exchange on leading practice in an increasingly interconnected world.