2012 Middle East attractiveness survey

The Gulf Cooperation Council

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A success in reality and perception

Our survey reveals that Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries maintained their lead in attractiveness, both in terms of real numbers and investor expectations. A total of 75% of investors consider GCC members more attractive than other Middle Eastern countries.

Moreover, 81% of companies already established in the region favor the GCC. This is also reflected in actual investment, with 79.1% of FDI projects coming to the GCC.

In both reality and perception, the GCC “trio” — the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Qatar — is the most attractive Middle Eastern area for investment. The UAE is investors’ first choice and accounted for 44% of the total FDI projects in the Middle East in 2011. In the same year, Saudi Arabia attracted 12.9% of projects followed by Qatar, with 7.6%.

The UAE is also perceived as the most attractive Middle Eastern nation by an impressive 39.4% of our respondents. Saudi Arabia and Qatar followed at some distance, with 19.2% and 10.4% of votes respectively.

International investors see big internal markets, accessible customers, a stable political environment, and efficient transport and logistics infrastructure as some of the most attractive features of the GCC “trio".

Which Middle Eastern countries are the most attractive to invest in?

EY- Which Middle Eastern countries are the most attractive to invest in?


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