2013 European attractiveness survey

Europe's future attractiveness

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Why is Europe’s capacity to turn original ideas into great companies in doubt?

Most of our respondents highlight the attractiveness of Europe’s research and innovation capacity. Yet they identified only one European city, London, as a contender among the 10 cities worldwide most likely to produce the next Google. The ratings of other European cities, including Moscow, Paris and Berlin, were mediocre.

Leader in innovation
What are the main areas of reform to make European a leader in innovation?

EY - Leader in innovation Source: EY’s European attractiveness survey 2013 (total respondents: 808).

Productive and producing

Eighty-four percent of investors already present in Europe claimed that they would still be manufacturing in Europe in 10 years’ time, a slight fall from the 87% recorded last year. Companies in northern Europe were especially positive about their long-term manufacturing presence (91%). Commitment was weaker among executives of Asian companies (59%).

European growth
Which business sectors will drive European growth in the coming years? 2013

EY - European growth

Decentralized and stabilized

When asked how Europe could strengthen its competitiveness, respondents said European governments should focus on improving business confidence by reducing debt and improving economic stability, and simultaneously focus on research and innovation. Cost differentials now matter less when assessing a region’s competitiveness.