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Should your next investment be across the street or on the other side of the world?

EY's Attractiveness program focuses on insights derived from understanding growth from a foreign direct investment (FDI) perspective into countries and regions across the globe.

The surveys use custom-designed methodology and explores both developed and emerging markets. The program helps public sector and business leaders to make economically sound strategy and policy decisions — and ultimately helps us to build a better working world.

Latest news

  • Viewpoint: Marc Lhermitte, EMEIA Lead, Geostrategic Business Group EY

    How investors should be preparing for Brexit and wider geopolitical disruption.

  • Italy Attractiveness Survey 2017

    Confidence is back in Italy, with a brilliant 62% increase in the number of FDI projects from the previous year. Also, 40% of respondents think that Italy’s attractiveness will improve over the next three years, an optimism higher than the European average (35%).

  • Malta Attractiveness Survey 2017

    An attractive fiscal regime, access to the EU market, together with a pro-business culture, cost-competitiveness, and a skilled English speaking workforce make Malta attractive to investors.

  • Investors show more optimism for financial services in Europe

    Investors in financial services say they are bullish on the prospects of the sector’s European market, despite a variety of political, regulatory and economic uncertainties.

  • Nordic Attractiveness Report 2017

    Investment projects initiated by foreign companies in 2016 climbed to a record high 328 (up 31%), outperforming the growth experienced across Europe as a whole by as much as double.

  • European Attractiveness Survey 2017 – Russia findings

    The number of FDI projects in Russia reached 205 in 2016. This is the best result for Russia for the last 12 years.

  • Poland Attractiveness Survey 2017

    Poland is one of the most attractive destinations in Europe for foreign direct investors. FDIs in Poland in 2016 have reached its new record level – bringing 256 new projects and more than 22,000 new jobs.

  • European Attractiveness Survey 2017

    In 2016, FDI in Europe reached new peaks with a record 5,845 new projects (up 15%) and 259,673 jobs created (up 19%).

  • Record foreign direct investment in Europe sparks job creation boom

    Foreign direct investment (FDI) into Europe hit a record high in 2016, with 5,845 FDI projects recorded (up by 15% year-on-year). This has led to the creation of 259,673 new jobs (+19%), according to the 2017 edition of the EY European attractiveness survey.

  • Germany Attractiveness Survey 2017

    According to our worldwide survey, Germany is one of the top-three locations for investors. Only China and the US come ahead.

  • Switzerland Attractiveness Survey 2017

    Switzerland as a business location is still highly attractive, although it has been losing appeal compared to Europe. We explain why digital technologies could usher in a new trend.

  • Europe on the upturn – but Austria barely profits

    The number of investments by foreign companies in Europe reached a new record level in 2016. Austria's companies are fueling this upturn, but the location hardly benefits.

  • Portugal as a hub for start-ups and innovation

    In 2016, 59 foreign direct investment projects in Portugal, a record number since 1997, have lead to 2,500 new jobs created, according to the Portugal Attractiveness Survey 2017.

  • Confidence is back, investments fall behind

    In 2016, the number of investment projects decreased slightly but the confidence of foreign investors is rising, according to the Dutch Attractiveness Survey 2017.

  • Belgium Attractiveness Survey 2017

    Foreign companies create (slightly) more jobs, but remain reluctant about future investments. Increased vigilance around tax and innovation remains essential.
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  • Time to act

    The UK retains its position as Europe's leading foreign direct investment destination, but with a 2% reduced market share.

  • Standing strong in uncertain times

    Scotland has continued to attract record inward investment, with 2016’s total projects exceeding the previous ten-year high set in 2015.

  • France Attractiveness Survey 2017

    France attractiveness recovers in 2016: 779 FDI projects (up 30%) for 16 980 jobs (up 24%). Yet, some changes still have to be made to improve competitiveness and reach the top of the European podium.

  • Africa Attractiveness Program 2017

    The first 2017 report from the Africa Attractiveness Program – Connectivity redefined – reveals how digital transformation can be a game changer for inclusive growth and provides insight on foreign direct investment (FDI) into the continent.

  • Impact of geopolitical instability in Europe on foreign investment in the continent

    In our survey "European attractiveness survey – Plan B for Brexit", investors identified high volatility in currencies, commodities and capital markets as top risks for foreign direct investments into Europe. Read the survey.

  • Strong global investment appetite into Europe despite geopolitical instability

    56% of global investors planning to grow their presence in Europe, according to the EY 2017 European attractiveness survey – Plan B for Brexit. Read the press release.

  • UK has short window for action to preserve its attractiveness to foreign investors

    EY publishes update on their annual UK Attractiveness Survey, to gauge international investor sentiment, post EU Referendum. Read the press release.

  • Multispeed growth in Africa likely to change foreign direct investment patterns over the next few years

    EY’s third instalment of its Africa Attractiveness program for 2016 and year end update anticipates continued variable economic performance across Africa’s sub-regions. Read the press release.

  • European attractiveness survey 2016

    Foreign direct investment (FDI) into Europe hit a record high with 5,083 FDI projects in 2015 (up by 14% year-on-year), leading to the creation of 217,666 new jobs (+17%). Read the survey.

  • Launch of country attractiveness surveys 2016

    Discover FDI projects, jobs ranking and our analyses for : France, Germany, Netherlands, Scotland and UK. Discover the country surveys.

  • Navigating Africa's current uncertainties

    Despite current uncertainties regarding growth prospects in many African economies, the longer-term outlook for economic growth and investment in Africa remains positive. Read the survey.

A record year for FDI in Europe

EY - 5,845 FDI projects, up 15% in 2016

5,845 FDI projects, up 15% in 2016

With 5,845 new projects in Europe in 2016 (up 15%), foreign direct investment hit a new record and created 259,673 jobs (up 19%): that’s twice as many as were being created in the wake of the financial crisis.