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Should your next investment be across the street or on the other side of the world?

EY's Attractiveness program focuses on insights derived from understanding growth from a foreign direct investment (FDI) perspective into countries and regions across the globe.

The surveys use custom-designed methodology and explores both developed and emerging markets. The program helps public sector and business leaders to make economically sound strategy and policy decisions — and ultimately helps us to build a better working world.

Latest news

  • European attractiveness survey 2016

    Foreign direct investment (FDI) into Europe hit a record high with 5,083 FDI projects in 2015 (up by 14% year-on-year), leading to the creation of 217,666 new jobs (+17%).

  • Launch of country attractiveness surveys 2016

    Discover FDI projects, jobs ranking and our analyses for : France, Germany, Netherlands, Scotland and UK.

  • Navigating Africa's current uncertainties

    Despite current uncertainties regarding growth prospects in many African economies, the longer-term outlook for economic growth and investment in Africa remains positive.

Europe: what the numbers say

In 2015, Europe built on the momentum it established in 2014 and achieved a record level of 5,083 projects (up 14%) and 217,666 jobs (up 17%) created by foreign direct investment (FDI).

EY - Europe's attractiveness on the rise

"EY's Attractiveness surveys offers analysis by executives, government officials, companies, and the academic world, and provide first-hand information on the growth potential of a country or region."