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Our life cycle approach to infrastructure projects lets us help our clients regardless of which phase they are in.

Greenfield infrastructure

Investment in greenfield infrastructure is seen as a critical success factor for economic growth. This type of infrastructure tends to focus on assets such as new hospitals or schools, ports, bridges or roads, or nuclear energy plants and oil and gas export terminals. To help finance these projects, many governments are considering public–private partnerships.

Our services to support greenfield projects initially focus on the planning and procurement phases of the project life cycle, as well as helping to raise the required capital. Over the longer term, our services can cover the entire infrastructure life cycle to help our clients manage the construction, operations and exit phases.

Brownfield infrastructure

Built infrastructure assets are increasingly being sold, bought and divested as governments, private organizations, fund managers and investors review balance sheets and look for new opportunities.

For both public and private sector clients, we offer an integrated solution to support built infrastructure projects. We help organizations buy, sell, optimize and divest or carve out built infrastructure assets. Our services in this area tend to begin at the operations and exit phases of the infrastructure life cycle, freeing up much needed cash for organizations to begin the life cycle all over again.

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