Can benchmarking help you turn up the heat on your competition?

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Can benchmarking help you turn up the heat on your competition?

EY helped an appliance company gain insight into how to generate cost savings that could be reinvested to win market share.


The question from our client was: how do we turn up the heat on our competitors and grow our market share?


As part of its new private company audit experience, EY conducted a benchmarking analysis to provide the company with insights into its financial performance compared with its industry peers, and identify areas to improve performance. The outcome? EY helped the company identify opportunities to reach median positions in several underperforming measures, with the potential to generate savings of over US$65m. Achieving this level of cost savings can help the company invest in initiatives to win market share from its competitors and grow the business from challenger to market leader.

Better working world

With the insights provided, the company has been equipped to make better decisions about how to leverage operational efficiencies to grow its business.

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