Can insights help you anticipate what consumers will crave?

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Can insights help you anticipate what consumers will crave?

When Weston Foods realized innovation was the key to growth, EY helped the company build a customer-led innovation capability to generate winning ideas.


Weston Foods, a North American bakery company, had maximized the growth the company could achieve through price competition enabled by operational speed and scale alone. Leadership recognized the need for innovative products to accelerate growth. To achieve this, they decided to invest in developing their innovation capability based on insight from the people who matter most: their consumers and customers. The question became: can insights help you anticipate what consumers will crave?


EY brought a blend of industry knowledge and business transformation experience to help Weston Foods revamp their innovation process. EY advised the company on the creation of a new innovation process that begins with customer requests and insights. This is now used across all business functions within the company and has replaced Weston Foods’ operationally-led approach for developing new products with a systematic, research-based and market-tested approach to innovation.

EY also developed a roadmap for building a new insights division to pioneer Weston Foods’ movement towards customer-centricity. Based on knowledge of leading practices, EY recommended a model that has a central insights team supported by insights from specific business units. Weston Foods has since established this insights function and is benefitting from the ability to make smarter business decisions.   

The outcome? Weston Foods has a deeper understanding of, and faster response to, changing consumer and customer trends and the processes in place to integrate them into their innovation pipeline.

Better working world

By purposefully engaging customers earlier and more often, Weston Foods can pursue innovation with strategic insights and confidence, and ultimately introduce novel products that satisfy their consumers and customers.

Outcomes described were from a specific engagement and may not be representative of your results.

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