Protect your legacy? Break new ground?

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Protect your legacy? Break new ground? Why not both?

EY helped a family business expand internationally while protecting its legacy.


A family-run retail business sought international growth while protecting its family interests. The family members needed to live across the world to grow the business, but were concerned about keeping the business in the family, safeguarding assets and protecting the business’s continued legacy. The question became: how do you protect the business’ legacy and safeguard personal assets as you grow into new territories?


EY’s Private Client Services Team advised the business on personal wealth, structuring of assets, and the tax and civil consequences of marital, succession planning and inheritance laws in the jurisdictions where the family members would reside. The outcome? The owners were able to make provisions to protect their family and financial interests and the legacy of the business as it expanded internationally.

Better working world

The owners were equipped with clear information, which allowed them to make informed decisions about growth with confidence, protect the family’s assets and uphold the values and traditions of their business around the globe.

Outcomes described were from a specific engagement and may not be representative of your results.

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