What’s the right recipe to accelerate your growth?

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What's the right recipe to accelerate your growth?

EY helped a private equity-backed food and beverage company develop a data-driven growth strategy.


A private equity (PE) backed food and beverage company had big growth ambitions. The company wanted to pursue multiple routes to accelerate growth, including expanding its product range, widening its distribution network and developing a franchise of retail outlets. However, it had not conducted any detailed analysis on how best to invest for growth. Its PE backers wanted leadership to make well-informed, research-based decisions. The question emerged: how could the company determine the right recipe to accelerate its growth?


A team from Parthenon-EY — EY’s corporate finance strategy group — conducted an independent, external and fact-based evaluation by analyzing local and regional market data, conducting competitor and customer research and evaluating the company’s routes for growth against the market opportunity. The outcome? The client and PE backers made better-informed investment decisions that identified and prioritized growth initiatives in response to market opportunity.

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The business leaders and their PE backers were armed with a rigorous analysis of objective market data, which allowed them to take a deliberate and informed approach to accelerating growth.

Outcomes described were from a specific engagement and may not be representative of your results.

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