Looking beyond the obvious

Globalization and new opportunities for growth

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Globalization continues to define our business landscape, increasing the levels of cross-border trade, capital and labor integration.

Business leaders must anticipate and interpret how globalization is changing, while understanding the opportunities and risks it creates. But they can do very little to change global demographic shifts or capital flows.

“To compete in a volatile and dynamic business landscape, organizations must invest in continuous learning so they can respond to change quickly and effectively.”
- Mark Weinberger, Global Chairman and CEO-elect, EY

However, business leaders can react effectively to the forces of globalization or anticipate them to their advantage. Although globalization continues, its pace has slowed from pre-recession levels and its nature has changed. Capital flows between East and West are more evenly balanced and technology is the driver of globalization, promoting innovation across nations and cultures.

By contrast, the globalization of talent is at an early stage. Skilled people are clustered in some locations but scarce in others. Businesses everywhere struggle to match talented professionals with available positions.

Looking beyond the obvious

Prospering in this globally integrated environment requires constant refinement of global business strategies. The businesses that will ride the next wave of growth will be those that understand the significance of globalization and tailor their strategies based on that understanding.

They will explore new markets and establish well-rounded global business portfolios. We recognize globalization as one of the defining issues of our time. For many years, we have worked with the Economic Intelligence Unit to study globalization trends and support our clients in their attempts to understand these trends and the advantages and risks they present.

The changing face of globalization will have a profound impact on the business landscape. Now is the time for business leaders to respond with the flexibility, speed and unconventional thinking necessary to prosper in our increasingly connected world.

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