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Based on the 2012 Globalization Index overall score.

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    The Globalization Index charting tool allows you to compare the 60 countries in the 2012 Globalization Index, which the report is based on, using categories such as trade, finance, labor, technology and culture. Use it to create your own charts and use them for your presentations, reports and even share your own charts through social media.

    EY’s 2012 Globalization Index was developed by the Economist Intelligence Unit to measure the 60 largest countries/territories by GDP according to their degree of globalization. The table below shows, for each of the headline categories, the individual indicators used and their source.  The performance of the major Index components shows the integration of trade, technology, finance, culture and labor. The categories were then weighted.

    To find out more about the Globalization Index and the methodology used you can visit the 2012 Globalization Index section.