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Latin American companies turn up the growth volume

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Latin America 2013 global report

In their rush to succeed in booming Asian markets such as China and India, investors have been pushing Latin America backstage. But this fast-growing market is now moving into the spotlight and it’s not the Latin America you used to know.

Opportunities are plentiful in a way they never were before. Latin American countries are maturing in terms of their legal and regulatory environment, providing even more support for local companies looking to make their way onto the global stage. Investing in the region is particularly critical for companies in specific industries:

  • Oil and gas
  • Mining and metals
  • Retail and consumer products
  • Infrastructure
  • Agribusiness

What is different about the region’s revival is that this time, its market growth is led not by Western multinationals but by the emergence of major national businesses, themselves often supported by revamped government policies. These businesses are increasingly expanding into other markets to become global players. Companies from rapid-growth markets are increasingly acquiring stakes in developed-market companies, and Latin American businesses are among the leading buyers.

These trends pose both new challenges and new opportunities for global companies. Today, success in the fast-growing markets and promising underlying conditions of Latin America requires businesses to navigate a dynamic new competitive landscape.

At the same time, they must cope with the region’s long-standing challenges related to infrastructure, bureaucracy and social conditions. Whether you lead one of the new global Latin American companies or you work for a developed-world company investigating the market, we hope you find this report useful.

EY - Sam H. Fouad

Sam H. Fouad
Americas Emerging Markets Leader