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Latin American companies turn up the growth volume

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EY - Ernesto San Gil

Ernesto San Gil, EY Argentina Managing Partner,
explains how Argentina became an entrepreneurial business center. Argentine companies, known for their excellent management, are investing abroad to access new markets and sources of innovation.

EY - SEY's Jorge Menegassi

SEY's Jorge Menegassi,
explains how the infrastructure boom is underway in Brazil. Inbound investors can benefit from Brazil's rising middle class and lower interest rates, but need to contend with a complex tax system and labor costs.

EY - Cristian Lefevre

Cristian Lefevre,
explains how Latin America is rising, with great growth potential at home and abroad. Enjoying political stability and a growing middle class, Latin America is investing across borders and offers opportunities for inbound investment.

EY - Luz Jaramillo

Luz Jaramillo, EY Colombia Managing Partner,
explains how this country is rich in resources and opportunities. Well situated with several major cities, Colombia has a strong business culture and growing partnerships across the Americas and Europe.

EY - Albert Tiburcio

Albert Tiburcio, Mexico and Central America Regional Managing Partner,
shares his views on the lure of Latin America, which is moving onto the global stage, thanks to the convergence of economic, demographic and political factors.

EY - Jorge Medina

Jorge Medina, EY Peru Managing Partner,
explains about the promising business case for Peru. Private-public partnerships present business opportunities in Peru for such sectors as health, education and security.