Paradigm shift

The skills and competencies required by future business leaders are changing

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High performers are much more likely to consider softer attributes important for C-level leaders.

Low performers place great emphasis on traditional, hard leadership skills.

High performers place greater emphasis on leading effectively in an international business environment. They have the ability to articulate and embody the values and culture of the organization.

Figure 7

By contrast, the lower performers place greater emphasis on the more traditional, “hard” leadership skills, such as industry and technical expertise and grasp of the financials.

“The idea of simply having a very strong subject-matter expert in the senior ranks of the company just isn’t a viable model anymore,” says Leisy.

“Subject-matter expertise is a given. Companies need to adapt their talent management approach so that they can better identify and nurture the ‘softer’ skills that have now become so critical to business leadership.”


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