The better the question. The better the answer. The better the world works. У вас есть вопрос? У нас есть ответ. Решая сложные задачи бизнеса, мы улучшаем мир. У вас є запитання? У нас є відповідь. Вирішуючи складні завдання бізнесу, ми змінюємо світ на краще. Meilleure la question, meilleure la réponse. Pour un monde meilleur. 問題越好。答案越好。商業世界越美好。 问题越好。答案越好。商业世界越美好。

Do uncertain times need certainty of purpose?

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Our research examines how embedding purpose into the core of business models drives innovation, growth, customer loyalty and talent retention. We work with global institutions and academic leaders, such as Oxford Saïd Business School and Harvard Business Review Analytic Services. We develop benchmarks, metrics and indices to give companies the tools they need to thrive in the 21st century.

EY - How can you move purpose from rhetoric into reality?

How can you move purpose from rhetoric into reality?

Listen to executives talk about how purpose is the core of your business and how you should strive to connect it to the work you are already doing.

April 2018

What if money and meaning go hand-in-hand?

What if money and meaning go hand-in-hand?

Hear executives discuss how profit and purpose aren’t mutually exclusive and work together for a company’s bottom line.

April 2018

What do DC, Davos and Helsinki Have in Common? The Purpose Zeitgeist

EY Beacon Institute’s Valerie Keller takes to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation blog to explain how every organization can make purpose real.

March 2018

Five Ps to remember: How parity promotes purpose, performance and profit

Read why EY Beacon Institute Global Leader Valerie Keller and Global Leader of EY Beacon Institute and Women. Fast forward Karin Lutz say purposeful organizations are in a prime position to #PressforProgress when it comes to gender parity.

March 2018

How can boards help make capitalism more inclusive?

Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild, Founder and Chief Executive of the Coalition for Inclusive Capitalism, talks to EY about theboard’s role in achieving broadly-shared prosperity.

February 2018

Davos debate: Why the business of business isn't just business

Listen to the audio file of sound bites representing both sides of the argument. This recording includes an interview with Valerie Keller, EY Beacon Institute Global Leader and Executive Director, Markets at EY.

February 2018

Making the future of work, work

Innovation matters: insights on the latest disruptive technologies.

February 2018

In this transformative age, is the business of business still just business?

EY Global Chairman and CEO Mark Weinberger and Royal DSM CEO Feike Sijbesma discuss the changing role of business in society today and how Royal DSM has transformed itself around a purpose of creating improved lives, both today and for generations to come.

January 2018

Healing a fractured world by changing the rules of the game

In today’s fractured world, is it still possible for people who disagree to escape their echo chambers and find common ground? It’s not just possible – it’s critical.

January 2018

How can purpose profit the world – and business?

Once a coal mining giant, Royal DSM is now a case study of how a company can evolve around a purpose that enables them to both improve business performance and make a positive impact on society. Read the case study and watch the video.

January 2018

In today’s transformative era, is the business of business still just business?

Today, serious challenges threaten to upset the traditional role of business in society. Yet, amid this disruption might there be an opportunity for truly purposeful businesses to grow, innovate, and help society navigate to a higher, more sustainable ground?

January 2018

Driving exceptional client service

EY 2017 Better Begins With You Winners: Advisory’s business transformation team

December 2017

Pursuing innovation

EY 2017 Better Begins With You Winners: China’s tax automation team pursues innovation

December 2017

Creating exceptional EY experiences

EY 2017 Better Begins With You Winners: EY Presents creates exceptional EY experiences

December 2017

Strengthening our communities

PEY 2017 Better Begins With You Winners: Philippa Bridger helps strengthen our communities

December 2017

Is your purpose lectured – or lived?

Executives think their firms are truly purpose-driven, but their employees disagree. How should employers close the say-do gap?

December 2017

Purpose is bigger than profit, say execs

Karin Lutz, Global Leader, EY Beacon Institute and Women. Fast forward, talks to CEO Today about what’s driving today’s business executives. Hint: it isn’t all about financial gain.

October 2017

Values and today’s business environment

From the top down, values are part of a business. Valerie Keller, Global Leader, EY Beacon Institute, discusses their role with the Financial Times.

October 2017

Gathering for purpose at UN General Assembly week

Valerie Keller, Global Leader, EY Beacon Institute, tells The New York Times why it’s important for business leaders to gather and refocus on their shared goals.

October 2017

What is the business model for a model business?

2017 EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year winner Murad Al-Katib and other business leaders discuss the power of purpose -- and how to bring it to life.

July 2017

Shopping with a purpose

Many retailers are embracing purpose as a lever for navigating turbulence. Learn how in this report from the EY Beacon Institute with Positive Luxury.

July 2017

Business leaders speak on purpose and disruption

Watch business leaders from GE Oil and Gas, Ericsson, Nestlé S.A., Deutsche Bank and Swiss Re discuss how purpose is helping their organizations navigate uncertainty.

June 2017

The purposeful company

This report, sponsored by EY Beacon Institute, and developed by the Big Innovation Centre, looks at how purpose can add value creation and competitive advantage to British companies.

March 2017

Purpose-led transformation

Purpose-led transformation is a new approach to driving strategic transformation, innovation and growth.

March 2017

Do uncertain times need certainty of purpose?

The populist backlash against globalization added a renewed sense of urgency to the third Beacon Institute community gathering at the 2017 World Economic Forum annual meeting.

February 2017

How Infosys turned their purpose from rhetoric into reality

Shifting the course of a company with more than 200,000 employees globally is no easy feat. Find out how purpose moved Infosys forward.

January 2017

In the face of disruption, don’t just transform — transcend

Research shows organizations that can demonstrate a higher purpose are in a better position to innovate.

January 2017

What is the role of purpose in innovation?

Amid the growing noise of disruption, it’s more important than ever for leaders to articulate a purpose-led strategy that will transcend day-to-day operations and set a vision for enduring success.

January 2017

Deriving value from purpose

The importance of purpose overall can vary from company to company. Yet, for CMOs, purpose is becoming a critical priority.

January 2017

Purpose channels innovation

A clear and compelling purpose helps organizations reap results from innovation efforts so they can disrupt, rather than be disrupted.

July 2016

Perspectives on purpose

Richard Branson of Virgin, Paul Polman of Unilever, Arianna Huffington of  Huffington Post and Mark Weinberger of EY tell how purpose can drive performance.

June 2015

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The Beacon Institute is a community of business leaders, board members and academics focused on helping organizations create long-term value and navigate the disruptive forces shaping the 21st century.

We provide research, insights and advice to inspire and amplify the growing movement of purpose-led businesses. We also bring together early adopters and leading thinkers who have embraced purpose as a means to drive real change in the working world.

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