Global shift to IFRS continues

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Worldwide, EY is helping companies address the challenges and opportunities represented by the shift to IFRS. Resources available include the following Local GAAP / IFRS Comparisons:

Argentina | Brazil | Colombia | India | Japan | Russia | Thailand | United States

For in-depth guidance, see GAAIT.

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Download the Argentine comparison
(English - July 2011)
(Español - Julio 2011)

This guide provides a brief summary of significant differences between IFRS and Argentine GAAP.


Download the Brazilian comparison 
(English - September 2010)
(Portugês - September 2010 )

This guide provides a high level look into existing differences between IFRS and standards issued by Comitê de Pronunciamentos Contábeis (locally CPC), a newly established Brazilian accounting standard setter.

Learn more about IFRS in Brazil.

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 Dowload the Colombian comparison
(Español) (pdf, 982kb) Abril 2008

Este documento incluye la comparación básica hecha por la firma global de USGAAP y NIIF, traducida al español, y la comparación hecha por el IFRS Colombia desk de estos principios con los principios de contabilidad generalmente en Colombia COLGAAP.



Download the Japanese comparison
(English)  September 2010

Also available in Japanese

In this booklet, we outline the differences between Japanese GAAP (JGAAP) and IFRS by accounting topic.

Learn more about IFRS in Japan in Japanese.


Download the Russian comparison
(English) June 2009


This publication compares Russian Accounting Principles (RAP) with IFRS and US GAAP, as well as direction and future developments of RAP as they align themselves with IFRS.

Learn more about IFRS in Russia (English), also available in Russian.



Download the Thai comparison
(English) January 2009


This publication compares Thai Accounting Procedures(TAP) with IFRS. Alignment will be effective for large enterprises in Thailand (starting with the 50 largest listed companies – SET 50) from 2011 onward.


United States

 Download the US comparison
(English)  December 2011


The FASB and the IASB have made significant strides toward their stated goal of converging US GAAP and IFRS, but they have yet to finalize three of the priority projects they identified in their 2008 Memorandum of Understanding: financial instruments, revenue recognition and leases.

This publication provides a comparison of US GAAP and IFRS standards and has been updated for key developments through December 2011.

Learn more about IFRS in the US