EY - The Master CFO Series: A tale of two markets

High Performing CFO

A tale of two markets

Building investor confidence in long-term health

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As companies rebalance investments across markets to secure their future, it’s the CFO’s job to ensure the investors are with them for the journey.

“When investors meet CFOs, what they’re really trying to test is their character. Are they… an advocate or a reporter?” — Glen Suarez, Deputy Chief Executive, Knight Vinke

This requires them to clearly and coherently narrate two distinctly different chapters of a single story. One is about today’s established business, its competitive performance and ability to generate profit: it is often a tale of difficult conditions and hard won margin. The other is about tomorrow’s opportunity: it is about capital investment in new and unfamiliar territories in pursuit of growth.

The role of the CFO in communicating with the investor:

the objective conscience of the business >>

What information investors are looking for:

to disclose or not to disclose? >>

How investors want CFOs to communicate:

the role of reporting >>