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The CFO and the challenges of emerging markets

The second FT-EY Global CFO Forum: Emerging Markets was held in Dubai at the Ritz-Carlton DIFC on 10-12 May 2016.

For the more than 100 chief financial officers from leading emerging market companies who gathered as a peer group to discuss vital business issues, ideate and share their experiences, the occasion was an exceptional opportunity for brainstorming, learning and networking.

This year the Forum focused on the ways in which CFOs must innovate, adapt and succeed within a dynamic, fast-changing future in which massive yet hard-to-predict upheavals are expected, while successfully balancing how to operate in and navigate today's volatile environment.

The two-day Forum was chaired by John Gapper, the Chief Business Commentator and Associate Editor of the Financial Times and Gideon Rachman, the news organization’s Chief Foreign Affairs Commentator.

A selection of outstanding speakers, including His Excellency Hani R. Al Hamli, Secretary General of the Dubai Economic Council, Professor Eswar Prasad, Professor of Economics at Cornell University, and Professor Ian Goldin, Director of the Oxford Martin School, University of Oxford, and Jon Matonis, Founding Board Member of Bitcoin Foundation, inspired attendees with fresh perspectives on the forces reshaping our world.

Panel discussions and debates enabled experts and practitioners to exchange experiences and ideas about the challenges faced by CFOs in emerging markets, and ways in which opportunities can be seized.

EY - Rajiv Memani


Rajiv Memani, Chairman of EY India and Chairman of EY Global Emerging Markets Committee, officially opens the Forum

“Emerging markets will continue to dominate global output and production in the years to come.” — Rajiv Memani

Memani underscored EY’s commitment to developing a deep understanding of emerging markets and insights and strategies for those seeking to succeed in them: “Not only are emerging markets increasingly the engine of world growth, but as home to over 80% of the world’s population their continued progress is critical to progressing human development and well-being. The future of the global economy is intricately linked to the progress of emerging markets.”

These markets operate at varying speeds and trajectories, with high levels of volatility. The opportunity of the FT-EY Global CFO Forum: Emerging Markets created a platform for corporate and government stakeholders to share their experiences and ideas, and to think about their goals of stability, prosperity and progress, both for their organization and for humankind.