EY - How to secure top talent in the BRICs

How to secure top talent in the BRICs

Strategy 2: Build a differentiated employer brand, both internally and externally

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Everyone likes to affiliate with winning teams. The same is true for employees when it comes to their organizations’ reputation.

Our research identified how organizations can develop their employer brand most effectively in each of the BRICs.

“If we accept that employer brands are unique not just for every employer, but also for the same employer in different markets, we must now focus on how well each employer executes their talent strategy.” — Bill Leisy,Global Talent Management Market Leader, Human Capital

The importance of different aspects of employers’ brands varies among countries.

EY chart showing desirability of  company reputation feature by BRIC country

To improve their employer brand, our research suggests that companies need to vary their recruitment messages to attract the best talent in different countries.

  • In Brazil and India, emphasize corporate social responsibility, which is an important element of your global employer brand.
  • In Brazil, Russia and India, focus on the financial strength of your firm.
  • In China, highlight the prestige of your organization.

Action point: Highlight different features of your organization when recruiting in different countries.