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Insurance: European Solvency II survey 2014

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Nearly 80% of European insurers are on track to implement Solvency II by 1 Jan 2016, but there is wide variation in the level of preparedness by country.

Dutch, UK and Nordic insurers are most confident in meeting the requirements, while French, German, Greek and Eastern European insurers are less confident.

Our survey of more than 170 insurance companies across 20 European countries sheds light on key areas of implementing Solvency II, including data and IT readiness, organizational change, regulatory interaction, recovery and resolution planning, and capital optimization.

We will also discuss our other findings:

  • Insurers are seeking to improve the effectiveness of their risk management.
  • Challenges of reporting and ensuring robust data and information technology (IT) remain very significant.
  • Preparedness for Pillar 3 remains relatively low, and action is needed in 2014 to meet the requirements on time.
  • Many insurers are not satisfied with the level of support from their regulators in providing timely feedback on plans and interpretation of new requirements. This is due, in part, to the significant resourcing challenges regulators face.
  • Automation of many risk management activities, particularly reporting, remains relatively low.