EY - Oil & Gas: Restructuring through Emergence from Bankruptcy

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Oil & Gas: Restructuring through Emergence from Bankruptcy

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 As businesses in the oil and gas industry adjust to commodities prices that are at a six-year low, US bankruptcy courts are starting to see filings from oil and gas companies seeking shelter from their creditors. With what is now viewed as a sustained downturn, there is increasing concern that capital markets may dry up and banks cut back on lending as they conduct their regular six-month re-determinations.

In this environment, options are available to oil and gas companies to restructure their balance sheets, refinance and optimize their structures. On the other hand entities that have filed petitions with the bankruptcy court or have emerged from Chapter 11 under confirmed plans must understand and comply with strict reporting and accounting guidelines with broad implications on internal processes, assets valuation and taxes.

Join EY as we discuss:

  • Macroeconomic Trends in the Oil & Gas Industry
  • Balance sheet restructuring, refinancing and structure optimization
  • Overview of and common issues with the bankruptcy process
  • Accounting and reporting aspects while in bankruptcy and upon emergence
  • Valuation considerations