EY - BEPS is broader than tax: Implications for financial accounting and tax compliance

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BEPS is broader than tax: Implications for financial accounting and tax compliance

'BEPS is broader than tax' webcast series, session 4 of 7

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The final reports on the Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) Action Plan have been released by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and endorsed by the G20. These reports on the 15 BEPS focus areas reflect recommendations for significant changes in international tax laws and treaties. Attention has now turned to the actions that are taken by countries in response to these recommendations.

The impact of these changes will be felt well beyond the tax department. EY will examine the impact of BEPS on key business functions in a program of seven Thought Center Webcasts.

The fourth webcast in the series will focus on the implications that BEPS will have on financial accounting processes, including the increasing trend to prepare voluntary total tax contribution reports and the impact on wider functions in the organization such as treasury and legal.  With a clear implication on the tax compliance obligations of the business, we will explore the leading practices in controversy readiness and planning for Country-by-Country reporting.

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EY - David Northcut

David Northcut

Ernst & Young LLP (US)

David Northcut is a partner in Ernst & Young LLP's National Tax Practice and Director of the  firm’sTax Accounting and Risk Advisory practice based in Dallas, TX.  David has over 30 years of experience in advising the firm’s largest clients on complex tax, international, and accounting issues.

David also serves as a Tax Accounting Quality Control Review Partner for many of Ernst & Young LLP’s largest public clients. Working with clients under both US GAAP and IFRS accounting standards, he regularly advises  EY groups internally on such matters as the tax accounting implications of business combinations, valuation allowances, uncertain tax positions, equity compensation, and foreign operations.

David has served clients in a number of industries including aerospace and defense, energy, manufacturing, private equity, retail, technology, software and utilities. David is a frequent speaker and instructor on various tax accounting topics.

EY - Bob Landwehr

Bob Landwehr

Ernst & Young LLP (UK)

Bob Landwehr is a partner in Ernst & Young LLP (UK) and is the EY Global Deputy Director of Global Professional Practice with over 34 years of experience. He is responsible for Global audit standards, methodology and policies.

In addition, he is the EY Global ICFR consultant for integrated audits performed outside the Americas and has been an SEC capital markets filing reviewer for many years, serving large multi-national clients throughout Europe.

Bob resides in London, is originally from the US, and has lived and worked in western and eastern Europe for the last 25 years.

EY - Daniel Connell

Daniel Connell

Ernst & Young LLP (UK)

Daniel Connell is the EY EMEIA Corporate Secretarial Leader  for Global Compliance and Reporting (GCR) Services and is in the GCR practice of Ernst & Young LLP (UK). In this role, Daniel advises clients on how best to manage their Legal Entity Data, Compliance and Governance.

He has 12 years of experience working with multinational clients to help effectively manage their group structures and respond to key events, such as M&A and regulatory responses. Daniel has worked with several clients in the Financial Services, Consumer Products, Life Sciences, Media and Real Estate industries.

EY - Sébastien Huet

Sébastien Huet

Ernst & Young et Associés

Sébastien Huet is a partner in the Financial Accounting and Advisory Services practice (FAAS) of Ernst & Young et Associés, based in Paris, France.

Sébastien has over 15 years of auditing and advisory experience serving multinational clients in the media, real estate, and consumer goods sectors.  He has diverse experience as an auditor advising clients on transaction matters, such as: due diligence, purchase accounting, post deal integration, and IPO and GAAP conversion.

EY - Kelly Richardson-Lewis

Kelly Richardson-Lewis

Ernst & Young LLP (UK)

Kelly Richardson-Lewis is a Senior Manager in tax services at Ernst & Young LLP (UK).  Kelly has delivered Direct Tax and Tax Reporting services on complex, multi-national outsourcing engagements with FTSE100 companies.

Serving a multinational group during finance transformations, Kelly has experience with the design of new direct and indirect tax processes across business strategy, operations, and finance functions. In a FTSE100 Group Tax Reporting outsourcing project requiring delivery of IFRS quarterly tax provisions for 60 countries, Kelly helps drive its delivery and engagement, along with its efficiency in regional hubs.

She has 9 years of experience in direct tax and tax accounting delivery, and has worked in-house, having spent 18 months seconded to a large UK retail group.

EY - Chris Sanger

Chris Sanger

Ernst & Young LLP (UK)

Chris Sanger is EY Global Tax Policy Leader and a member of the Tax practice at Ernst & Young LLP (UK). He has a wide-range of experience at the senior level, advising governments internationally on technical policy options, tax legislation, economic matters, and fiscal costings.

Chris advised the previous UK Government on its business tax proposals prior to the 1997 election.  Subsequently, from 1998 to 2001, he joined HM Treasury as Head of Business Tax Policy. In that role, he advised the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Junior Ministers and Special Advisers on reforming the business tax system.

Chris is Chairman of the Tax Policy Committee of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW), and the past Chairman of the ICAEW’s Tax Faculty and the Chartered Institute of Taxation’s Management of Taxes Committee.


EY - Aidan O’Carroll

Aidan O’Carroll

Ernst & Young LLP (UK)

Aidan O’Carroll is the EY Global and EMEIA Leader of Compliance and   Reporting (GCR) Services and a member of the GCR practice at Ernst & Young LLP, based in London.  Aidan serves global and local clients, and he is also a Leader of the EY Global and EMEIA Tax Executive.

Aidan is also part of the EY Global Regulatory and Policy Advisory Tax Leadership team. As such, he has significant experience with Global Tax trends and has connections with the Regulatory Frameworks around the world.

Aidan acts as Senior Advisory Partner on several key Global Accounts of Ernst & Young LLP (UK). He advises that firm’s clients, including many Global Fortune 500 companies, on a variety of compliance and reporting matters including: business transformation trends, tax strategy, transactions, tax risk and tax reporting, and operations.  As well as chairing the Tax Directors Workshops in the UK for EY, he also chairs and speaks at client conferences around the world. Aidan has also spent considerable time in the Asia Pacific region with experience in Japanese-based MNCs.