EY - 2016 FATCA and CDOT reporting is here

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2016 FATCA and CDOT reporting is here

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We are offering this webcast twice in 24 hours. This webcast is scheduled for the Americas and European time zones. To register for the webcast scheduled for the Asia-Pacific time zones, Click here.

Please note that participants can earn CPE for only one event. Viewers will not earn two or more CPE credits for participating in all events.

2016 FATCA and CDOT reporting deadlines are approaching fast and many reporting financial institutions are beginning to re-start the process of preparing their data to submit to the relevant tax authority. As with 2015, volumes are relatively low, but a considerable amount of time and effort is being expended on sourcing the right information, confirming its' accuracy and producing the reports to the different specifications set by the tax authorities.

2016 brings new challenges compared to 2015, including additional reportable data, increased reporting volumes, and the impact of CDOT reporting to name a few. With CRS coming in 2017, the volumes will increase. Many reporting FIs are now exploring options that would help them concentrate more on what they are actually reporting about their customers, rather than the time-consuming report production itself.

Join us on 16 March to hear our EY global FATCA-CRS team discuss:

  • The current global landscape 
  •  Lessons learned from 2015
  •  Key considerations for 2016

This webcast is aimed at FATCA-CRS program teams, including heads of regulatory reporting, heads of compliance, FATCA responsible officers, heads of (operational) tax and IT teams with FATCA, CDOT and CRS responsibilities.

For further EY FATCA-CRS insights and services - including FIRST, our proven FATCA reporting solution - please visit: www.ey.com/FATCA or www.ey.com/CRS