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Non-financial risks – a growing concern

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Over the past ten years, the financial industry has suffered large losses from non-financial risks. Banks are increasingly confronted with challenges in identifying, measuring and mitigating a broader set of risks that have emerged beyond financial risks. At the same time, supervisors have also sharpened surveillance, empowered enforcement and pushed up penalties on breaches due non-financial risks.

Join the next EY Global Regulatory Network video webcast as EY professionals discuss;

  • Why controlling non-financial risks is critical in revitalizing banks' business models and restoring banks' reputation
  • The most significant trends in non-financial risks that financial institutions should watch out for
  • How regulators in various jurisdictions are scrutinizing bank conduct and governance
  • The steps and measures that banks need to take in order to effectively and efficiently manage their non-financial risks


EY - Thomas Campanile

Thomas Campanile


Tom Campanile is a Partner in the Financial Services Office of Ernst & Young LLP. He has more than 20 years of experience in providing a broad range of business and risk advisory services to a number of clients in the banking and capital markets, insurance and asset management sectors. Tom has extensive knowledge of front-office, compliance, operational and enterprise risk management leading practices in banking, as well as deep experience in applying these practices to banking, insurance and capital markets products and processes.

EY - Daniel McKinney

Daniel McKinney


Dan McKinney leads the Ernst & Young LLP Operational Risk Management practice, based in New York. He has 24 years of industry experience in capital markets, banking and broker/dealer operations and operational risk management, compliance and audit. Dan played an integral role in the development and deployment of the firm’s operational risk management framework and approach, and has been responsible for leading engagements related to all aspects of this framework’s development for major global financial institutions.

EY - John Liver

John Liver


John Liver is a Partner in the Financial Services Group of Ernst & Young LLP (UK). He has held regulatory roles with leading investment banks, the UK Financial Services Authority and its predecessors. His roles include leading the thematic supervision in the investment firms division; leading the personal Investment authority supervision, where he oversaw the sales regulation of the life and pensions industry; and management roles in the investment management regulatory organization’s enforcement and supervision departments.


EY - Dr. Thomas Huertas

Dr. Thomas Huertas


Dr. Tom Huertas is Partner in the Financial Services Risk group of Ernst & Young LLP (UK). He is also a former member of the Financial Services Authority’s Executive Committee. He previously served as alternate chair of the European Banking Authority, as member of the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision and as member of the Resolution Steering Committee at the Financial Stability Board.