EY - Brexit: implications for the insurance industry

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Brexit: implications for the insurance industry

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The recent vote by the UK to leave the European Union could have significant consequences for insurance companies with a UK presence. However, we see this “Brexit moment” as an opportunity to foster innovation and transformations in the industry.

Join a panel of EY professionals as they discuss the implications of Brexit on the insurance industry and how insurers can use the referendum to secure their future and maintain preeminence as industry leaders. This webcast will cover:

  • Overview of Brexit
  • Current status and timelines
  • Issues that may arise from Brexit
  • Insurance industry response


EY - Simon Woods

Simon Woods

Global Head of Insurance Optimization and Global Insurance Brexit Leader, Ernst & Young,


EY - Dan Beard

Dan Beard

Senior Manager, Risk, Ernst & Young, LLP


EY - Jeff Soar

Jeff Soar

Partner, Transaction Tax, Ernst & Young LLP



EY - Shaun Crawford

Shaun Crawford

Global Insurance Leader, Ernst & Young LLP