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NAFTA reform – planning for change

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It is widely anticipated that President Trump will provide the formal 90-day notice to Congress to begin the process for renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) under Trade Promotion Authority in very short order.

Canada and Mexico have indicated a willingness to participate in a dialogue to revise NAFTA. In anticipation, the Mexican government has already begun soliciting input from interested members of the public.

NAFTA has created one of the world’s largest free trade areas. Trade in goods and services among NAFTA countries has more than tripled since NAFTA came into effect. According to US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, “All aspects of NAFTA will be put on the table.”

Some NAFTA changes would significantly affect business. Among the most significant would be tightening the rules that determine whether a product originates in a NAFTA country (rules of origin), which could result in more products being subject to tariffs or prompt companies to change their sourcing patterns to preserve the products’ duty-free status.

To assist companies doing business in NAFTA countries, our panel will discuss:

  • Key provisions of NAFTA, including rules of origin
  • Possible changes to NAFTA’s provisions and their effects
  • A possible timeline for renegotiation
  • Recommended data analytics and NAFTA modeling to preserve or improve your position
  • Opportunities to provide input into the process
  • Implementation and post-implementation challenges and recommendations

This webcast will be of interest to global trade professionals, as well as tax and supply chain professionals.


  • Salvador Behar, Director General for North America, Ministry of Economy of Mexico
  • Armando Beteta, Global Trade, Ernst & Young LLP (US)
  • Sylvain Golsse, Global Trade, Ernst & Young LLP (Canada)


  • Kristine Price Dozier, Global Trade, US Trade Reform Lead, Ernst & Young LLP (US)