EY - IFRS: Enhancing communication effectiveness

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IFRS: Enhancing communication effectiveness

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We are offering this webcast twice in 24 hours. Please register for the webcast that best suits your scheduling needs. Please note that participants can earn CPE for only one event. Viewers will not earn two or more CPE credits for participating in all events.

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In response to calls for enhanced disclosure effectiveness in financial statements and better communication in corporate reporting, the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) is currently exploring ways to improve disclosures in financial statements. At the same time, many entities have made significant efforts over the last few years to improve the communication effectiveness of their financial reports.

In this webcast, we will discuss:

  • The activities that the IASB is currently undertaking to explore how financial information can be communicated more effectively.
  • Alternative ways to structure financial statements, using real-life examples.
  • Tailoring of financial information, including the use of Alternative Performance Measures (APMs)


EY - Steinar Kvifte

Steinar Kvifte


Steinar Kvifte is the Nordic IFRS Desk Leader at Ernst & Young AS in Norway and a Partner in its Global IFRS Services Practice. He is also the chair of the EY Global Presentation and Disclosure subject matter group and a member of various other subject matter groups.

EY - Rachel Knubley

Rachel Knubley


Rachel Knubley is a Technical Principal at the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB). Rachel coordinates the thought leadership of all related topics in these subject matter groups through various media, which helps to keep the firm and clients informed and up-to-date.

Prior to working for the International Accounting Standards Board, Rachel worked for PwC in the UK.

EY - Anja Hjelström

Anja Hjelström


Anja Hjelström is an Executive Director of Ernst & Young AB. Anja is a member of the Nordic IFRS DESK. She has more than 10 years of experience of dealing with IFRS implementation issues, and a particular interest in financial reporting from a decision usefulness perspective. She has been a jury member in Swedish annual report competitions and continues to be involved in research on the use of financial reports. Anja hold a PhD from the Stockholm School of Economics.


EY - Steve Martin

Steve Martin


Steve Martin is a Partner in the Ernst & Young LLP UK Capital Markets and IFRS Services practice in London. He is also a member of the EY Global Revenue Recognition subject matter group and its IFRS sector group for Technology.