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December 2012

US drives global PE-backed IPO activity in 2012
London, 20 December 2012
Global private equity-backed IPOs faced stiff headwinds in 2012, with companies raising US$20.5b through 103 IPOs in the first 11 months of this year–almost a 50% drop – compared to 2011, when US$38.6b capital was raised in 116 deals.


Global announced M&A deals rise in Q4 2012, but conversion rate continues to decline
London, 20 December 2012
Global volume and value of announced M&A rose by 4% and 25% respectively, in Q4 2012, compared to the previous quarter.


Emerging markets big winners within clean energy sector in 2012
London, 19 December 2012
With an abundance of natural resources and an increasing demand for energy; emerging markets have been the big winners within the clean energy sector during 2012 according to EY's quarterly global Renewable energy country attractiveness indices.


Eurozone painfully progressing to stability
Frankfurt, 13 December 2012
Despite a year of turmoil in the Eurozone the currency union will enter 2013 with a brighter outlook than 12 months ago.


EY ranked most attractive professional services employer by European graduates
London, 12 December 2012
EY has been ranked Europe's top professional services organization – and the third most attractive employer overall – in Universum's first ever European talent attraction index, Europe's Most Attractive Employers 2012.


2012 Global M&A values half that of 2007's boom; 2013 to see strategic, bolt-on deals
London, 12 December 2012
The slowdown in global M&A continued through 2012 as the value of deals fell by 47% to a projected US$2.25trillion from the height of the M&A boom in 2007 of US$4.3trillion and are 21% down in volume to 36,865 in 2012 from 46,701 in 2007, according to data analysis by EY, released today.


Global IPO activity expected to pick up in second half 2013 driven by the US
London, 11 December 2012
After a slow start to 2012, momentum lifted in the second quarter, but significant macroeconomic volatility and changes in political leadership in many parts of the world, weighed on global IPO activity for the remainder of the year.


More job losses predicted by European banks as crisis refuses to fade
London, 10 December 2012
Cost cutting, in particular reduction in headcount, has moved up the priority list for both retail and investment banks in the next six months as they face up to growing concerns about the European economy and the sovereign debt crisis, according to EY's European Banking Barometer, released today.


Exploration and development spending fuels growth in worldwide oil and gas reserves
London, 6 December 2012
As a result of growth in Asia-Pacific gas reserves, investments in Canada's oil sands and the dramatic increase of US shale reserves, worldwide oil and gas reserves increased in 2011. Worldwide oil reserves grew by 1% in 2011, while gas reserves rose by 4%. Oil and gas revenues experienced 27% growth in 2011.


Private capital pursuing mining and metals investments
London, 5 December 2012
Increasing interest in mining and metals from private equity funds, sovereign wealth funds and state-owned enterprises is set to be a key trend in the sector in 2013, according to Lee Downham, EY's Global Mining & Metals Transactions Leader.


Equity markets in emerging economies to experience significant growth in next decade
London, 5 December 2012
In under a decade, equity markets in the emerging world have flourished and become critical sources of finance for emerging markets (EM) businesses according to EY’s Moving towards the mainstream report, produced in collaboration with the Ernst &Young /SKOLKOVO Institute for Emerging Markets Studies, released today.


EY recognized as global knowledge leader
London, 5 December 2012
EY is pleased to announce that it has been recognized among the world's knowledge leaders, as a Most Admired Knowledge Enterprise (MAKE) for the 14th time. A panel of Global Fortune 500 senior executives and internationally-recognized knowledge management and intellectual capital professionals selected the 2012 Global MAKE Winners.


Cost competitiveness, project execution top priorities for miners
Sydney, 3 December 2012
The fundamental demand outlook for the mining and metals sector is strong coming into 2013, but cost competitiveness and project execution remain the focus for global mining and metals companies.


November 2012

Global renewables industry at tipping point as it seeks to reduce reliance on subsidies
London, 29 November 2012
The renewable energy industry is at a tipping point as the developed markets start to close the door on generous subsidy programs and emerging markets develop cost strategies to compete with fossil fuels according to EY's latest quarterly global Renewable energy country attractiveness indices report released today.


China media and entertainment industry continues to experience exponential growth
Los Angeles and Shanghai, 28 November 2012
The staggering economic growth-rate of mainland China has created unprecedented opportunities for Chinese and global media and entertainment companies, according to Spotlight on China, a report released by EY, to coincide with its Media & Entertainment Emerging Markets Executive Forum being held in Shanghai.


Asia-Pacific's trade flows to experience exponential growth in the next decade
London and Hong Kong, 28 November 2012
Rapid-growth markets (RGMs) in Asia-Pacific are expected to dominate world trade over the next 10 years and will account for a quarter of global consumption by 2020, according to EY’s new report Beyond Asia: new patterns of trade.


Potential shortfall of US$51billion in global climate change funding by 2016
London, 23 November 2012
The fallout from any Eurozone break-up could potentially create a US$51b gap in climate change funding by 2016 according to a study released today by  EY. The Bridging the gap report, based on the analysis of environmental spending in relation to climate change across 10 major economies during 2011, extrapolates public sector spending levels to forecast the impact of current austerity measures over the next five years.


Q3 global power and utility deals hit by valuation concerns
London, 15 November 2012
Following a bumper Q2 of deal-making in the global power and utilities (P&U) sector, Q3 saw mergers and acquisitions (M&A) values in the sector decline by 60% (68 compared to 77 in Q2) and volumes of activity down by 12% (US$19b compared to US$47.9b in Q2), as the growing valuation gap between buyers and sellers proves the major barrier to deal completions, together with a significant decline in European and Asia-Pacific deal activity.


EY recognized as one of the 25 World’s Best Multinational Workplaces by Great Place to Work®
London, 14 November 2012
EY announced today that it has been recognized as one of the World’s Best Multinational Workplaces ( by Great Place to Work® Institute.


Talent management sea change needed for global growth, says survey
London, 12 November 2012
High performing organizations are much more likely to decentralize their operations to compete in a global business environment, says new EY report.


Global technology M&A value falls 52% YOY on weakened global economy
New York, 12 November 2012
The aggregate value of technology mergers & acquisitions (M&A) fell 52% year-on-year (YOY) and 15% compared with the previous quarter to US$28.2b in the third quarter of 2012, according to EY’s Global technology M&A update: July–September 2012 report.


Rise in foreign investment into Europe in 2012 despite volatility
London, 9 November 2012
Despite the global downturn and the uncertainties created by the ongoing Eurozone crisis, Europe continued to attract foreign direct investment (FDI) in the first half of 2012, according to interim data in EY’s mid-year European Attractiveness Survey.


Increasing investment opportunities across Africa but challenges remain
London, 8 November 2012
Foreign direct investment (FDI) into Africa has increased significantly over the last decade and this trend is set to continue, but the decision on where to invest in this vast and diverse continent can prove challenging, according to EY’s Africa by numbers: Assessing market attractiveness in Africa report out today.


Unprecedented demand for CFOs to serve on corporate boards
London, 6 November 2012
The demand for CFOs on corporate boards is undergoing an unprecedented rise, driven by regulation, difficult economic conditions and the CFOs’ broadening skill set, according to a new EY study.


REIT recovery continues around the world but raising capital still a tough challenge
London and New York, 5 Novemberr 2012
Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) around the world continue to show signs of recovery but still face some severe challenges, especially in raising fresh capital, according to EY’s Global perspectives: 2012 REIT report.


Perceived benefits of hedge fund regulation deteriorates among investors
New York, 5 November 2012
Despite increasing regulatory requirements for hedge funds, only 10% of investors feel that regulations effectively protect their interests, and 85% of investors do not believe these requirements will help prevent the next financial crisis, according to EY’s sixth annual survey of the global hedge fund market, Finding Common Ground.


Oil and gas companies remain focused on fundamentals
London, 5 November 2012
Key findings of the bi-annual Oil & Gas Global Capital Confidence Barometer indicate that only 27% of oil and gas executives feel that the global economy is strongly or modestly improving, down sharply from 55% just six months ago and that the intention to sell assets is down by almost 70%. It is evident that economic recovery is taking longer than expected.


COOs have potential to shape future success for organizations
London, 1 November 2012
With the toughest job in the C-suite, Chief Operating Officers (COOs) who can combine deep operational knowledge with broad strategic insight are ideally placed to innovate and create future growth for organizations according to EY’s DNA of the COO report released today.


October 2012

Growing role for Africa in the “Golden Age of Gas”
London and Cape Town, 30 October 2012
With open access and attractive leasing terms, Africa’s oil and natural gas resources continue to attract a broad spectrum of investors, according to a new report from EY Natural gas in Africa – The frontiers of the Golden Age launched at Africa Oil & Gas Week.


EY supports recommendations released by the Financial Stability Board’s Enhanced Disclosure Task Force
London, 30 October 2012
EY supports the recommendations in the report released yesterday by the Financial Stability Board’s (FSB) private sector Enhanced Disclosure Task Force (EDTF) initiative.


Ad-hoc information security solutions no longer an option, as companies struggle to keep pace with today’s threats
London, 29 October 2012
Organizations need to fundamentally shift their approach to information security in order to meet the threats presented by existing and emerging technologies according to EY’s Global Information Security Survey 2012 report released today.


Real estate private equity challenged by liquidity issues
London and New York, 25 October 2012
Real estate private equity fund managers around the world continue to face major challenges stemming largely from ongoing illiquidity within the capital markets.


Growth in rapid-growth markets to slow but quick rebound expected
London, 25 October 2012
Although the global economic environment has deteriorated since the start of this year — impacting on the outlook for rapid-growth markets exports and their ability to attract foreign direct investment — but this will be a temporary phenomenon, according to EY’s quarterly Rapid-Growth Markets Forecast (RGMF) released today.


Significant increase in global mobility assignments to emerging markets creates challenges
London, 24 October 2012
Nearly half of global companies interviewed on the issue of global mobility assignments intend to increase the number of staff sent to growth markets, such as Africa and China, over the next year.


Cash is a challenge for cash-rich and cash-poor CFOs
London, 23 October 2012
Whether they are cash-rich or cash-poor, CFOs currently face significant cash management challenges according to a report released today by EY.


Impact of regulatory and accounting changes critical to viability of bank's OTC derivatives business
London, 22 October 2012
EY’s survey, Reflecting credit and funding adjustments in the fair value of derivatives and issued debt, captures the progress of 19 of the largest, most sophisticated dealing houses and benchmarks current practice in calculating credit and funding adjustments to fair value, as well as the impact of Basel III on this process.


43% of European insurers will not be ready for Solvency II by 2014 but 90% would be ready by 2015
London, 18 October 2012
While 57% of insurers across Europe think they are on track to comply with Solvency II by January 2014, readiness varies significantly country by country, according to the EY European Solvency II Survey, a survey of 160 large insurance companies across Europe.


Private equity ready to do deals, but quality of transactions and economic concerns remain
London, 18 October 2012
The latest EY Private Equity Capital Confidence Barometer has found that Global PE investors are ready and willing to do deals and 43% intend to sell more assets in the next twelve months.


Oil demand for remainder of 2012 constrained by lackluster economic environment
London, 17 October 2012
The EY Global Oil & Gas Q4 outlook highlights that the markets for the remainder of 2012 remain uncertain with oil prices becoming somewhat disconnected from market fundamentals.


FDI flows to the Middle East shift from developed markets to intra-regional investments
London and Doha, 17 October 2012
Launched to coincide with the Growing Beyond Summit 2012 in Qatar, EY’s inaugural Middle East Attractiveness Survey is a detailed analysis of how foreign direct investment (FDI) into the region has evolved in the last decade.


Companies are increasingly seeking tax savings and efficiencies as part of M&A as authorities step up scrutiny of deals
London, 17 October 2012
Global tax directors at the world’s largest companies say in a new EY survey they have increased efforts to find value through tax efficiencies as part of the of mergers and acquisitions process.


CEO Champions commit to increasing global reach, sponsorship of high-potential women, and peer engagement at the Women's Forum Global Meeting in Deauville
Deauville, 12 October 2012
The CEOs taking part in the closed-door meeting at the 8th Women’s Forum Global Meeting in Deauville, France, focused on the importance of peer pressure and role models, and the need to create “visibility with teeth” by increasing global reach, creating an online coalition, and leveraging the power of sponsorship.


New smartphone services fall short of potential as consumers are confused by data price plans and mobile functions
London, 10 October 2012
Consumers are overwhelmed by new mobile internet services and increasingly complex mobile data price plans, according to The Mobile Maze, a new survey by EY.


Eurozone periphery’s pain to continue as retreat of banks behind national borders exacerbates recession
London, 9 October 2012
As banks retreat further behind their national borders, bank lending will fall twice as fast as it did following the peak of the global financial crisis according to the EY Eurozone Financial Services Forecast (EEFSF).


Falling confidence and rising concerns on valuation gap to hit M&A in next 12 months
London, 8 October 2012
Global mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are set to be dealt a double blow as a faltering global economic outlook reduces the appetite for inorganic growth, while rising concerns over valuations also threaten to further undermine the immediate business case for M&A.


Bill Banks appointed EY’s Global Infrastructure Leader
London, 5 October 2012
EY has appointed Bill Banks as its new Global Infrastructure Leader.


Edit Osikovicz named Young Tax Professional of the Year 2012
Boston, 3 October 2012
Edit Ágnes Osikovicz, Hungary, who has completed a Master’s degree in law at Eötvös Loránd University, has been named EY’s Young Tax Professional of the Year 2012 at an awards ceremony held in Boston. Edit was picked from among 20 country finalists, each of whom had already been named the Young Tax Professional of the Year in their home country.


CIOs risk being sidelined if they fail to change C-suite approach
London, 3 October 2012
As the business world evolves, CIOs can, and must, refresh the outdated perspectives that other executives still hold about their role in order to succeed, according to EY’s DNA of the CIO report released today.


Global medtech industry delivering strong returns despite economic conditions
London, 2 October 2012
Publicly traded medtech companies in the US and Europe defied the dampened growth environment of the global economy and turned in another solid performance in 2011, with revenue growth outpacing 2010 rates while delivering a third consecutive year of double-digit net income growth.


EY reports 2012 global revenues of US$24.4 billion
London, 2 October 2012
EY today announced combined global revenues of US$24.4 billion for the financial year ended 30 June 2012, compared with US$22.9 billion in 2011.


September 2012

EY achieves “strong positive” rating for its global enterprise risk management consulting
London, 27 September 2012
EY is pleased to announce that it has received a "strong positive", the highest possible rating given, in Gartner's MarketScope for Global Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Consulting Services.


A lost decade for the Eurozone?
Frankfurt, 27 September 2012
While the European Central Bank’s Outright Monetary Transactions has significantly reduced the risk of a Eurozone breakup in the near term, the broader policy response to the crisis has still fallen short of the game-changer needed to restore long-term stability, according to the autumn EY Eurozone Forecast (EEF).


Sharp decline in global IPO deal value and volume in Q3 but recent listings suggest more deals to come in Q4 2012
London, 26 September 2012
Global IPO activity continued to drop in Q3 2013 although; recent listings suggest a market improvement in the coming months, according to EY’s latest Global IPO update. So far this quarter, global IPOs have raised US$24.1b, down 46% by capital raised, compared to Q2 2012 (US$44.3b) and down 16% compared to Q3 2011 (US$28.6b).


M&A market prepares for the chill to set in
London, 25 September 2012
Following a year of continued macro-economic uncertainty, global M&A activity is falling with the level of completed deals reaching the lowest level since Q1 2010.


Opportunity and optimism: global media and entertainment CEOs see digital media as a significant driver of future growth
London, 12 September 2012
Global media and entertainment CEOs are optimistic about the digital future and expect digital revenue will be a rapidly increasing percentage of overall revenue for companies, according to EY’s latest CEO study Opportunity and optimism: How CEOs are embracing digital growth released today.


EY: Global demand for Sukuk to reach US$900bn by 2017
London, 9 September 2012
According to estimates by EY’s Global Islamic Banking Center of Excellence, the global demand for Sukuk is forecasted to grow three-fold from US$300 billion to US$900 billion by 2017.


Hedge accounting proposals aim for clarity on risk management activities
London, 7 September 2012
The International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) today released a draft final standard with revised proposals on hedge accounting that will allow many entities better to reflect their risk management activities in the financial statements.


Largest global companies already taking strategic action to mitigate energy risks
London, 7 September 2012
The largest global corporations are already tackling potential future energy cost rises through C-suite engagement and proactive energy strategies, according to a survey of US$1b-plus global companies, for the EY Global Annual Cleantech Insights and Trends report released today.


Positive outlook for Russian inward investment as it joins WTO
London and Moscow, 7 September 2012
Despite the global economic uncertainty investors remain positive about the long-term attractiveness of Russia as an investment destination according to EY’s second Russia Attractiveness Survey.


EY launches Global Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation
London, 6 September 2012
EY is delighted to announce the launch of its Global Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, an online platform providing guidance to entrepreneurs and innovators on their growth journey as well as enabling fast growing companies to connect to each other sharing their different perspectives.


August 2012

M&A activity in the Oilfield Services industry expected to increase over next 12 to 24 months
London, 29 August 2012
A newly released report, EY Dynamic Dealmaking in Oilfield Services, by EY and mergermarket indicates that the vast majority of the survey respondents (84%) are expecting an increase in M&A and none expect a decrease.


Political support and clear policies prove critical for renewable energy market growth
London, 29 August 2012
Having quadrupled its solar capacity target to 50GW by 2020 and  begun an accelerated domestic installations program to tackle the oversupply of solar panels, China looks set to continue its domination of the global renewable energy market, according to EY’s latest quarterly global Renewable energy Country Attractiveness Indices report (CAI) released today.


EY announces partnership with The 2012 European Ryder Cup Team and The 2014 Ryder Cup
Gleneagles (Scotland), 27 August 2012
On the day the European Team for The 2012 Ryder Cup is confirmed, EY becomes an Official Partner to The 2012 Ryder Cup Team and The 2014 Ryder Cup.


Macroeconomic uncertainty catches up with technology sector
New York, 16 August 2012
Global technology mergers and acquisitions deal value slowed to US$33.4b of aggregate deal value in the second quarter of 2012, down 43% year-over-year.


Breaking down the barriers for women on and off the sports field
London, 11 August 2012
As the Olympic Games celebrates historic achievements in gender equity, EY launches new white paper on enhancing diversity in sports, business, society and the global economy.


Brazil’s retail and consumer products sector reports 91.9% surge in foreign direct
London, 10 August 2012
A stable economy and a burgeoning middle-class population has resulted in Brazil’s retail and consumer products (RCP) sector seeing a 91.9% increase in foreign direct investment (FDI) during 2011, compared with 2010, according to EY’s first annual Brazilian Attractiveness Survey.


Brazil – an investment success story
London and Sao Paulo, 10 August 2012
A stable economy, a burgeoning domestic market and huge untapped reserves of natural resources have led foreign investors to become increasingly interested in Brazil as an investment destination although there are challenges to sustaining this attractiveness according to EY's first annual Brazilian Attractiveness Survey.


Marketers pinpoint today's consumer with new web-based tool
London, 9 August 2012
To help organizations get a clearer picture of today’s consumers and their shifting needs EY has created a new, publically available, web-based tool to map consumer habits and help marketers ensure the relevance of their offering and drive customer loyalty.


Supply outweighs demand for oil, while gas is the growth story for rest of 2012
London, 1 August 2012
The next six months should see over supply in the oil market with increased production from Libya, Iraq and US shale keeping oil prices flat according to EY’s Quarterly Oil and Gas outlook.



July 2012

Return of the mega-deal drives increase in global consumer products deal values
London, 27 July 2012
While consumer products (CP) deal volumes decreased by more than a third during the first six months of 2012, compared with the same period in 2011, the value of deals jumped by 11%, buoyed by a small number of high value deals in Q2 2012, according to the latest issue of Consumer Products Deals Quarterly.


2012 M&A Maturity Index
London, 26 July 2012
The US and Singapore are the world’s most attractive markets in which to do M&A, according to 2012 M&A Maturity Index.


Global PE-backed IPO activity declined in Q2 2012
London, 24 July 2012
Global PE-backed IPO activity slowed in Q2 2012, with global sentiment reversing sharply in May, as the debt crisis re-intensified in Europe and led to renewed concerns for a global slowdown.


Mining M&A – are we seeing a shift from build to buy?
London, 23 July 2012
Rapidly escalating development costs may herald a shift in focus from build to buy in the global mining and metals sector, says EY’s Global Mining & Metals Transaction Leader, Lee Downham.


Eighty percent of chief audit executives acknowledge room for improvement with internal audit functions
London, 18 July 2012
With risk, control and compliance becoming increasingly important in today’s global marketplace, a new global survey of 695 chief audit executives (CAEs) and C-suite executives released by EY today reveals that 80% of organizations acknowledge that their internal audit function has room for improvement.


Slowdown in rapid-growth markets to be short-lived
London, 11 July 2012
Economic expansion in the 25 leading rapid-growth markets (RGMs) has started to slow sharply since the beginning of this year but this will only be a temporary blip according to EY’s quarterly Rapid-Growth Markets Forecast (RGMF) released today.


Global survey reveals talent management challenges for rapid growth market multinationals
London, 10 July 2012
Emerging market multinationals are struggling to build effective international management teams as they grapple with cultural differences, conflicting internal perceptions of talent management, difficulties in balancing global and local talent, and a lack of a reliable leadership pipeline.


Resource nationalism remains number one risk for miners
Sydney, 9 July 2012
Resource nationalism remains the number one risk for mining and metals companies around the world, as ranked by EY’s annual Business risks facing mining and metals 2012-2013 report, released today.