Bringing patients into focus

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The patient is again becoming the focus of the health care ecosystem.

That may seem like an odd statement to many, but often the hospital or physician’s office becomes the center of health care.

Digitization and sharing of the patient record, along with advances in telecommunications creating the potential for remote monitoring and “virtual house calls,” are changing how physicians interact with patients. In turn, payment paradigms are shifting to allow these types of interactions more frequently.

At the same time, social media, the internet and publicly available quality data are changing how patients interact with their caregivers. Patients are becoming more aware of differences in quality among care providers and have an appetite for information.

To serve these individuals, organizations need to:

  • Develop the capability to collect accurate, reliable and timely data
  • Derive the right insights from the data
  • Share the data and insights whenever appropriate
Those that share accurate information will gain patient loyalty.

With the imminent advent of health care exchanges and the flood of individual patients brought into the market by those exchanges, “wait and see” is not an option for health care organizations.

Those that want to grow in a changing and unforgiving environment must adapt their business models to the new reality. They need to prepare for their role in a collaborative environment where organizations work across boundaries and build bridges to achieve the right outcomes.

The pressure is growing, and organizations need to know where they are in relation to where they should be. They need to collect, organize and analyze data to yield insights that lead to better patient outcomes.

To develop and execute a sustainable growth strategy, they need to apply the power of analytics.