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Bringing patients into focus

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As the business model evolves to accommodate the rapidly changing health care environment, leading organizations are standardizing their clinical and financial data and developing platforms to facilitate data sharing and collaboration.

For many, partnering will be vital to delivering patient-centered outcomes.

Patients can be better empowered to manage their care with transparent data and useful insights that can influence behavior.

Health care organizations, especially those that focus on growth, should:

  • Adopt a disciplined approach to information collaboration across all stakeholders in the ecosystem, with appropriate privacy and security safeguards.
    Organizations should assess business needs for data integration and align the needs across the organization. They should also define information governance, thus enabling the organization to set priorities and create an adaptable policy framework to better align resources and opportunities.

  • Leverage aggregated data to develop actionable insights for care, performance and risk at the business unit level.
    Organizations should establish a sustainable approach to information integration and consolidation that can help drive strategic decision-making. They should also develop methods and tools to enable the organization to make health care data more readily comprehensible to the user.

  • Drive quality and cost accountability by sharing data with the right people in the right place at the right time.
    Organizations should develop a driver-based model, looking at emerging trends such as the individual mandate and discerning which drivers will fuel growth. Driver-based data analytics will enable health care organizations to draw insights from large and varied data assets.

  • Build accountability for results.
    Organizations can effectively promote quality in patient outcomes by utilizing a pay-for-performance framework. As part of this framework, organizations need to build a metrics capability that makes it easier for providers to manage and predict outcomes and, in so doing, maximize payment.