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How EY helps innovate – case studies

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New business architectures using innovation management

Case study


The challenge

Our client had a clear vision: he wanted to leverage his leadership in the consumer goods industry and strengthen his position. Special emphasis was placed on developing new business architectures and disruptive service innovations that matched his business strategy.

The solution

We developed an innovation management concept that was tailored to our client's needs. This allowed him to set up new business architectures effectively and efficiently.

In addition, we combined his key products with new business architectures and helped to grow unit sales. Our solution included an end-to-end process and various tools for the different phases of the process.

As a first step, we created a platform that enabled the company to evaluate new and innovative business architectures. This platform and the related structures also served to keep the risks of the new business architecture as small as possible. Likewise, we also used the first stage to help our client find potential cooperation partners.

During the second phase, we developed an individual rollout concept, taking into account the particular challenges for our client. This ensured that the innovation concept we developed effectively supported the progress of new business architectures. Additionally, our client could secure its market position for the long term and build on its success.


Scenario for a telecommunications company

Case study


The challenge

New technologies, changing customer patterns and tighter regulatory requirements have been putting the telecommunications industry under great pressure. Constantly accelerating pace of change and uncertainties as to where change is leading exacerbate the problem.

Our client, an international telecommunications company, asked us to develop a number of planning scenarios for the year 2020. The objective was to build a forward-looking and sustainable business architecture based on these scenarios ‒ a key factor in the long-term success of the company.

The solution

Based on an analysis among industry experts and peer groups, we identified the commercial, technical, political, ecological and social trends for the coming years. The two most critical unknown factors for our client were the internet becoming part of daily life and data integrity and protection.

We considered four scenarios which served as a basis to think about innovation management, positioning and business architecture.


Strategy ambassadors support corporate realignment

Case study


The challenge

An international IT provider wanted to communicate its new strategy to 600 managers worldwide within a month. The vision was to turn each manager into a credible ambassador for the new strategic alignment ‒ in every country in which our client operated.

The solution

Based on our Advanced Solution Center Concept, we invited all managers — the future “strategy ambassadors” — to attend a two-day workshop.

In working groups, the managers not only familiarized themselves with the new strategy. They also needed to find solutions for challenges they faced when implementing the strategy.

Focusing on the new strategy and involving the managers ensured that they understood the strategic alignment and identified with the new approach.

Furthermore, we made sure that the managers were motivated to implement the new strategy successfully worldwide.

"This was the first time we could have any influence on a strategic discussion."