EY - Meet us at FEI Conferences 2014

Meet us at FEI Conferences 2014

Innovation: key driver for sustainable growth

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FEI Boston

Tuesday, 13 May 2014, to Thursday, 15 May 2014

Seaport World Trade Center Boston,
200 Seaport Boulevard, Boston, MA 02210,

Organizations around the world are seeking sustainable growth and competitive advantage. With cost reductions secured, productivity improvements implemented and geographic markets developed, where is the next frontier in the global competition for growth?

Securing future growth includes developing innovative products and services as well as new business models.

Becoming an industry leader not only entails incremental improvement of existing offerings or productivity in the F&E department. It also means a deeper understanding of both new and existing customers’ preferences, innovative approaches toward product and service delivery and customer experience.

To achieve this successfully and sustainably, the existing business model—or at least parts of it— might need be reviewed or revised.

For these reasons, we believe that the winners in the “new normal” will be organizations that focus on customer-driven innovation, business model innovation and a culture that fosters innovative thinking.

This is why we cooperate with innovators, entrepreneurs and leading academia, and also sponsor innovation platforms such as FEI events (Front End of Innovation) and Code_n.

In 2014, we are sponsor of FEI Munich, FEI Venice and FEI Boston. The Munich event was dedicated to ingenuity as the new innovation currency. The event in Venice focuses on an ecosystem that drives value creation. In Boston, visitors will learn about how to transform uncertainty into opportunities.

EY at the front end of innovation

Established in 2003 in the US, FEI is a globally renowned event brand that has become the annual meeting place for innovators from all over the world and diverse personal and professional backgrounds.

In Europe, FEI events are held in cities such as Munich, Vienna, Amsterdam, Berlin, Copenhagen, Zurich and Monte Carlo. Core content areas include innovation management, creative environment cultivation, innovative trends, innovation ecosystems and business model opportunities.