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A community of organizations and individuals advancing a transformation of the working world.

What does it mean for a business to “thrive” in the 21st century?

How are leading companies unlocking the human potential of their employees?

What if we measured success beyond profit?

We believe better questions lead to better answers.

EY Beacon Institute


The Beacon Institute is dedicated to thoughtful inquiry to redefine what it means to be a successful company.

EY Beacon Institute

A community of executives, entrepreneurs and luminaries, Beacon convenes exchanges of leading practices, deepens research and recognizes those on the leading edge of purposeful transformation and innovation.

In the increasingly volatile business environment, the ability to innovate and transform is critical to survive – and thrive. Leading corporations are doing business in fundamentally different ways, attuned to the changed expectations of customers, employees and other stakeholders.


The most effective executive teams are harnessing purpose to innovate and transform all elements of their core business. We created Beacon as a catalytic force for purpose-led transformation across the working world.

EY Beacon Institute