CIOs: born to be digital

The DNA of the digital-ready CIO

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Proactive and positive: this is how digital-ready CIOs make their mark.

Digital-ready CIOs are typically more able to:

  • Reframe their thinking and present a positive story to the rest of the business about the future that technology can deliver
  • Proactively seek to create value, with strong engagement across everything from product innovation and operational agility to supporting decision-making
  • Carefully manage expectations, walking a fine line between keeping their businesses excited about the potential of IT, and keeping a realistic sense of what’s possible
  • Remain eager to keep developing their skills and capabilities

In return, these CIOs reap the rewards:

  • Seventy-one percent of digital-ready CIOs strongly agree that their standing within the business has improved over the past three years, compared with just 54% of CIOs in IT-intensive industries overall
  • They are seen to hold better career prospects and are more highly regarded in the business
  • Sixty percent are able to influence broader company strategy, compared with only 45% of their traditional CIO peers
  • They are more satisfied in their job and how it is perceived externally
EY The DNA of the digital –ready CIO