Achieving resilience in the cyber ecosystem

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Rapid advances in technology are transforming the ability of every individual and every organization to better collect, analyze, and use its information as never before.

Integrated networks, fueled by the internet, have removed the historical barriers to productively sharing information, unleashing the capacity of technology to revolutionize our economic and personal lives.

This phenomenon has seen the rise of the cyber ecosystem: a complex community of interacting devices, networks, people and organizations, and the environment of processes and technologies supporting these interactions.

The cyber ecosystem’s ability to simplify the sharing of information is simultaneously its greatest benefit and its greatest threat. The vulnerability of private and valuable information to theft, alteration or destruction by criminals or other malicious actors continuously increases.

The expanding cyber ecosystem requires organizations to transform their use of technology to maximize benefits. At the same time, they must develop cyber resilience: the ability to powerfully resist, react to and recover from potentially catastrophic cybersecurity threats, and reshape their environments for increasingly secure, sustainable cyber operations.

Cyber-resilient organizations do not just rely on traditional technology solutions (such as firewalls) and processes (such as user and access management controls) to achieve this journey. They also leverage exceptional resilience leadership, culture, networks and change readiness to create a sustainable advantage over other organizations, cyber criminals and other malicious actors.

For more details on:

  • The growing complexity and risks within the cyber ecosystem and need to transform traditional approaches to protecting the “crown jewels” of organizations’ sensitive and valuable information
  • Understanding what cyber resilience means and how it can be developed as an integrated, strategic capability of organizations that operate in the cyber ecosystem
  • The advantages of adopting a cyber-resilient approach to information security through a range of potential solutions to achieve sustainable, resilient operations

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