The DNA of C-suite sales and marketing leaders

New roles for fresh challenges: today's CMO and CSO

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"To compete for the new customer, the whole organization must be involved in creating the optimum and integrated customer experience, with a CEO at the helm who is passionate about the issue."
Woody Driggs, EY Global Advisory Customer Leader

Sales and marketing leaders’ roles can be hard to pin down. They can vary enormously, depending on such factors as the size and maturity of the company and its markets, whether it is a B2B or B2C firm, and the nature of its industry. Even with such variations, there is a general set of three complementary areas to which all CSOs and CMOs must contribute:

  1. The first involves the execution of the sales and marketing basics, focusing on delivering on the brand promise and experience and on contributing toward growth objectives.
  2. The second area relates to enablement, where operational actions — such as fostering insight-driven decision-making and enabling ambassadors for the brand — facilitate the strategic development of the company.
  3. The third and most strategic area involves the sales or marketing leader being called up to develop the business further. In doing so, the focus is normally on two specific areas: ensuring continuous customer intimacy and driving sustainable growth.