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Emerging Manager Alternatives Summit

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Launching a new fund is a complex and extremely competitive business enterprise. You may encounter many unfamiliar challenges — raising capital, recruiting and retaining the best people, managing risk, complying with changing regulations and accessing global markets. This is where EY can make a difference. Our Emerging Manager Platform team will work with you to quickly navigate the complexities of legislation and regulation, align your tax strategy to your business goals, provide assurance around the numbers and deliver a range of advisory services tailored to meet your start-up needs.

As a global leader in the asset management industry, we have extensive experience in assisting new fund launches. We appreciate the needs, nuances and challenges start-ups face.


EY Emerging Manager Platform

To better address the needs of our emerging hedge fund clients, EY has established a global platform that is focused on providing integrated one-stop approaches to funds during the start-up phase.

Launching a hedge fund – building the operational foundation for success

Asset managers that launch funds without considering operational requirements risk putting an unbalanced operating model in place, increasing the chance of failure over time. Asset managers must understand the major operational considerations that can contribute to success or failure when launching a fund.

Leaders in launching funds for more than 30 years

We have been the dominant accounting firm for start-ups and spin-outs for more than 30 years in the audit, tax and advisory space.

Profitability measurement and expense management for alternative asset managers

As a result of current and continuing market trends and competitive pressures, alternative asset managers (AAMs) have been focusing on better and more comprehensive understanding of their cost structures and their overall impact on profitability.

Portfolio valuation and advisory services

Valuation has become one of the most pressing areas of concern for alternative asset managers. The proliferation of increasingly complex and illiquid investments, coupled with continuously erratic financial market conditions and potential value misrepresentations, has led to increased scrutiny from investors, regulators and auditors.

Seed Investing Series

Valuation considerations for seed investors and strategic minority interests in investment fund complexes.

Seed Investing Series

Seeding investment structures and their US tax considerations.

Seed Capital Services

Seed capital continues to be a growing trend among asset managers. The Seed Capital Services team provides clients with the benefit of our extensive handson experience and technical knowledge in tax structuring and compliance, financial statement audits, asset valuation, seed deal structuring and regulatory compliance.