Ready for takeoff?

A big data self-assessment

How ready are you for the big data takeoff?

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Which businesses are leading the way on driving value from big data? Every industry has its leaders and laggards, but the former share one thing in common: an ability to self-evaluate in order to drive continuous improvement.

How mature is your business’s big data and analytics capability?

Insight into your business begins by answering these questions:

  • To what extent has the organization set analytical objectives?
  • To what extent has the organization developed analytics?
  • To what extent does the organization possess analytics skills?
  • To what extent is the organization’s senior leadership supportive of analytics initiatives, or taking a lead on them?
  • To what extent do the organizations’ technology tools enable analytics capabilities?
  • To what extent has the organization embedded a culture of analytics?
  • To what extent has the organization considered the legal challenges of big data?
  • To what extent has the organization sought to mitigate other potential risks, including cybersecurity issues, related to big data?

For a more thorough assessment on your business’ maturity on big data and analytics, please open our survey (coming soon).

Or alternatively, you can use the self-assessment guide.