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In today’s business world, challenges grow by the day, as does the speed at which they need to be addressed. Technology is often seen as a simple solution to address these challenges. Yet, for many organizations, simple is not nearly as simple as it seems.

At EY, we take a comprehensive, business-first view to address strategy, processes, technology and operational impacts in tandem. Our growth, plus quality, plus innovation strategy offers predictable delivery to our clients. The results speak for themselves: high customer satisfaction and retention, zero escalations, and a growth rate with respect to SAP that far exceeds the industry averages.

Our diverse teams, combined with our broad experience in technology and industry issues, as well as our ability to supply the end-to-end realization of your project, inspire us to ask better questions. As a global SAP partner, we innovate with SAP to co-create more innovative answers. Together, we can guide you on a journey to becoming an organization that is able to address the ever-increasing demands to innovate and transform, while at the same time allowing you to run your business every day.

The better the question. The better the answer. The better the world works.


Steve Peck about EY’s relationship with SAP

Steve Peck, Senior Vice President, Global Strategic Initiatives at SAP, discusses SAP’s relationship with EY.

Steve Peck, EY

Dave Ryerkerk about EY’s relationship with SAP

Dave Ryerkerk, former EY Global Alliances Leader, discusses EY’s relationship with SAP.

Steve Peck, EY