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3D Spend Analytics

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Keeping tabs on your company’s spend – from payables to supply chain to employee expenses – can be a daunting task.

Analyzing that disparate data is even more complex; the outcome of which provides an indication of the health of your business.

3D Spend Analytics services leveraging Microsoft’s latest technologies give you a complete picture of your enterprise’s actual spend, spend process integrity, and overall spending trends, so you can make informed decisions.

We unite EY’s experience in analyzing spend data and related processes with Microsoft’s leading cloud and predictive analytics technologies to enhance the scope, speed and access to insights for your current and planned spending.

Confidently monitor and analyze spend to support business directives, as well as identify potential savings opportunities, irregular activities, and risks across the payment stream process. Use the detailed insights from our services as a foundation for spend process enhancements and transformation initiatives.

From ongoing to future spend, our analytics services provide access to timely, accurate data about where the money’s going—enabling wiser, smarter, fact-based decisions every day.