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Trusted cloud

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Moving to the cloud raises vital privacy and security concerns which challenge your ability to adopt the cloud for business critical systems.

EY's and Microsoft’s Trusted Cloud Services (TCS) provide continuous reliability monitoring and assurance of key controls to deliver the transparency and assurance needed to advance your evolution toward a cloud-first world. This includes building an inventory of unstructured files (at big data levels) enriched with unique contextual data classification capabilities to support robust data governance.

Our unique contextual data classification capabilities support the full data governance lifecycle by intelligently identifying your most critial data assets while also enabling you to purge data that no longer has business value.

Using a sustainable constant-compliance model, with leading security and privacy controls, we establish a trusted cloud business solution that directly aligns with the leading regulatory mandates from PCI to HIPAA to SOX.

EY will also assist you in assessing your current on-premise systems and design a strategy for transitioning to the cloud with Day 1 compliance objectives.