Governance, risk and compliance technology: turning risk into results

What's the fix?

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GRC technology can help your organization turn risk into results in four key areas:

GRC technology can help improve a company's strategic and tactical decisions.

  • Enhancing risk strategy through policy management. This defines structure, accountability and reporting governance and automates reporting to support real-time decision-making.
  • Embedding risk management. Companies can enable risk-based scoping and assessments, perform fluid and predictive analytics to correlate driver-based performance management with key risk indicators, and identify trends and anomalies for rapid response and what-if modeling scenarios.
  • Optimizing risk management functions through compliance and audit management. Automating risk activities will support a holistic, multipurpose and integrated approach and allow you to develop a common framework, data structure and single source repository across multiple compliance, regulatory and business requirements.
  • Improving controls and processes through optimization and continuous monitoring. Integrating automated controls measures and continuous monitoring into the transactional processing life cycle can eliminate waste, reduce cycle time and reduce risk. These solutions also optimize processes and controls to deliver real-time transparency to strategic, operational, compliance and financial risks across the enterprise.
Improving controls and processes through optimization and continuous monitoring.


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