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The power of collective intent

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With payers exploring outcomes-based contracts where risk and reward are shared, and fewer drugs being made available on formularies, it’s increasingly important for companies to engage patients and caregivers early in the drug development process.

Life sciences organizations must fundamentally alter their approach to research, development and product launch to fully understand and address areas of unmet need. The development process must incorporate input from participants in every stage of the continuum of care, including the patient.

This ability to collaborate, consolidate, coordinate and create a consistent customer experience will offer stakeholders transparency into customer interactions across the networked ecosystem. It will accelerate insights on building the brand and customer loyalty.

As the health care industry shifts from a business-to-business to a business-to-consumer model, segmentation strategies that focus on understanding customer motivation will become key building blocks.

For companies looking to defend their core business, collaboration helps protect against influence exerted by others in the delivery chain. And for those looking to lead, collaboration offers quantum leaps.