EY - Reporting: Issue 9
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Reporting magazine brings together insights and ideas that will interest, inform and inspire business leaders. It’s about more than the numbers, examining reporting in its broadest sense.

With rapid changes in the world of business, the competencies required for a successful career in assurance are also evolving. Finance skills, sound judgment and a healthy dose of professional skepticism are no longer enough. We examine this development in Issue 9 of Reporting, and also include exclusive interviews and insightful analysis.

Features in the current issue include:

Big data and analytics: The next generation of auditors will need IT knowledge as well as the traditional competencies in finance, as we discuss in Reporting’s cover feature.

Casting the net wider with integrated reporting: Another example of the changing finance function is the growth of integrated reporting (IR), which focuses on six capitals: financial, manufactured, social and relationship, intellectual, human and natural.

A working relationship?: With public campaigns calling for greater disclosure by audit committees, we investigate how committees are responding and discuss ways to improve the relationship with investors.

Personal problems for executives: Many board–level roles come with a higher level of personal threat than ever before. Failure to ensure compliance with national laws could threaten not only an executive’s reputation, but also their very liberty.

The wish list of Charles H. Noski: Charles H. Noski, who chairs the audit committees at Microsoft and Avon Products, shares his wishes for improving communication in the financial reporting world – and the importance of a four-legged stool.

Five things Mindtree’s Rostow Ravanan has learned: Rostow Ravanan, CFO of India-based technology services company Mindtree, selects some of the most important lessons he has learned over his career to date.

The buy side: energy alternatives: Potential investors in the energy market have a wider range of options to choose from than ever before. Will Smith of alternative asset manager CQS outlines his approach to investments in this sector.