2013 EMEIA Fraud Survey

Feeling the pressure

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Our survey confirms what executives across sectors and geographies know: they and their employees are personally under increased pressure to produce growth and profit — in extremely challenging conditions.

Managers feel increased pressure to deliver growth

Vast majority of businesses are under increased pressure to meet the targets of their investors and owners. Specifically, our survey shows that managers in these businesses feel under pressure to deliver improved financial performance, while understanding the realities of the market challenges they face.

Only 22% of respondents in mature markets believe that market conditions will improve over the next year.

Questions arise

  • Where and how does management find and deliver the expected growth and profitability?
  • Do they achieve it through expansion into rapid-growth markets, where winning contracts can sometimes go hand-in-hand with bribery or corruption?
  • Or do they further reduce costs, putting pressure on suppliers or their own staff, for example by squeezing salaries and bonuses?

As getting more from less becomes more challenging, some managers may see another option: meeting targets by misrepresenting performance.

Pressure in rapid-growth markets

The increased expectation of strong financial performance from rapid-growth markets is being felt directly by managers in those regions. Over a third of respondents “strongly agree” that management will be under increased pressure to deliver good financial performance over the next year.

However, our survey also shows that, in rapid-growth markets, there remains a greater perceived risk that bribery or other unethical practices may be used to win business.


Base: All respondents (3,459)
The "Don't know" percentages have been omitted to allow better comparison between the responses given.
* Statement only asked if company is listed on the stock exchange (821)