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Issue 12
Reporting magazine Issue 12
September 2016
In this issue we examined:
  • Building blocks of the future: Blockchain technology is set to transform financial transactions and, in turn, the world of corporate reporting. We examine the implications for the finance function and for audit.
  • A new era of corporate disclosure: Eric Hespenheide from GRI tells Reporting that digital data on sustainability performance will transform disclosures.
  • Stephen Law: a man on a journey: The former finance director of railway operator MTR Corporation talks to Reporting about public transport and private equity.
  • The poll: role of the CFO: Reporting takes a look at EY’s The DNA of the CFO report, which identifies the forces that are putting pressure on finance leaders and changing the shape of their roles.
  • Emerging markets: reimagining India
    Our video and article examine how radical liberalization and imaginative development programs have made India one of the most attractive destinations in the world for investors.
  • Tough tax demand for audit committees
    How should audit committee members assess the risks associated with tax policies, including damage to corporate reputations?
  • My wish list: Hanne de Mora: The experienced audit committee member shares her thoughts on preparing for regulatory changes, listening to auditors and creating a culture of trust.
  • In search of the perfect hedge: Currency volatility has been affecting the global economy for some time. So how should CFOs respond, and what is the role of hedging?
  • The buy side: digging for disclosures: Reporting provides an investor’s view of the precious metals mining sector at a time of economic and political uncertainty.
EY Reporting Magazine Issue 12
Issue 11
Reporting magazine Issue 11
April 2016
In this issue we examined:
  • Sowing the seeds of growth: Reporting’s cover feature talks to five CFOs at the forefront of the growth agenda, and examines the relationship between CEO and CFO when it comes to expanding the business.
  • Judy Brown: The deal-maker: The CFO of Perrigo has overseen 27 M&A transaction in her 10 years at the organization. She talks exclusively to us about mergers, acquisitions and dealing with hostile takeover bids.
  • Full disclosure? As companies increasingly look at ways of making the disclosures in their financial statements more effective, we examine the practical challenges involved.
  • A legal challenge for audit committees: New EU legislation due to come into force in June 2016 will have a significant impact on audit committees. We discuss how best to prepare.
  • Five things Ramesh Swaminathan has learned: The CFO of pharmaceutical company Lupin shares some of the lessons from his career so far.
  • Mexican wave: We explore the outlook for investors in Mexico, where government reforms have helped to create an economic boom.
  • Patrick Sun’s wish list: The audit committee member at some of China’s leading rail companies describes the changes to corporate governance he would like to see take place.
EY Reporting Magazine Issue 11
Issue 10
Reporting magazine Issue 10 
October 2015
In this issue we examined:
  • Key issues: Why management and audit committees shouldn’t fear the introduction of new auditor reporting standards and, particularly, the Key Audit Matters section.
  • Futureproofing the finance function: How the training of those entering the audit profession is adapting to ensure they have the right skills for the future.
  • Lease agreement: The new lease accounting standard will have a significant impact on financial statements. We investigate why it is important to start preparing now.
  • Simone Menne – The high flyer: Lufthansa’s CFO discusses the changing role of the modern Chief Financial Officer, the pressures of serving on the board of an airline and gender issues in the business world.
  • The wish list of Shonaid Jemmett-Page: The experienced non-executive director shares her views on corporate governance and communications.
  • A land of contrasts and opportunities: We look at the opportunities for foreign investment in Myanmar and assess the current state of the economy.
  • The missing piece of the jigsaw: Joanne Segars explains why better reporting of the workforce would be good for investors, companies and the wider economy.
  • Five things Jennifer Cabalquinto has learned: The CFO of US professional basketball team the Golden State Warriors selects some of the lessons from her career so far.
EY Reporting Magazine Issue 10
Issue 9
Reporting magazine Issue 9 
April 2015
In this issue we examined:
  • Big data and analytics: The next generation of auditors will need IT knowledge as well as the traditional competencies in finance.
  • Casting the net wider with integrated reporting: Another example of the changing finance function is the growth of integrated reporting.
  • A working relationship?: With public campaigns calling for greater disclosure by audit committees, we investigate how committees are responding and discuss ways to improve relationships with investors.
  • Personal problems for executives: Many board–level roles come with a higher level of personal threat than ever before. Failure to ensure compliance with national laws could threaten not only an executive’s reputation, but also their very liberty.
  • The wish list of Charles H. Noski: Charles H. Noski, who chairs the audit committees at Microsoft and Avon Products, shares his wishes for improving communication in the financial reporting world.
  • Five things Mindtree’s Rostow Ravanan has learned: Rostow Ravanan, CFO of India-based technology services company Mindtree, selects some of the most important lessons he has learned over his career.
  • The buy side: energy alternatives: Potential investors in the energy market have a wider range of options to choose from than ever before. Will Smith of alternative asset manager CQS outlines his approach.
EY Reporting Magazine Issue 9
Issue 8
Reporting magazine Issue 8 
November 2014
In this issue we examined:
  • It's all about results: Corporate sponsorship has become a highly sophisticated field. We examine the different ways of measuring and evaluating the ultimate value of a sponsorship deal.
  • Why ethics matter: An ethical reputation is important for any company. We discuss what constitutes ethical behavior in business and how it can be measured and encouraged.
  • Chain reaction: New regulations designed to identify sources of conflict minerals have forced companies to evaluate their supply chains. The results of the first year of reporting suggest that many companies underestimated how much work that would involve.
  • The persuader: Ana de Pro, CFO of global travel technology company Amadeus IT Group, has had a varied career, encompassing roles ranging from auditing and financial control to marketing and investor relations. Ana talks through her career and explains her approach to telling a company's performance story.
EY Reporting Magazine Issue 8
Issue 7
Reporting magazine Issue 7 
May 2014
In this issue we examined:
  • Risk — looking beyond the obvious: The process of risk management has changed considerably over the last decade. Christian Mouillon, our Global Managing Partner Risk Management, looks at lessons learned from the financial crisis and suggests how executives and boards need to broaden their outlooks.
  • Aligning reporting for greater transparency: Should you align your management information with your financial statements? This article looks at the benefits and challenges of taking this path towards improving transparency and communication.
  • The digital difference: The growth of digital communications has given companies many new options for communicating their financial and business information. We investigate the trends.
  • 5 things I’ve learned: Lucinda Bell, Group Finance Director of FTSE 100 company British Land, shares lessons from 23 years’ experience in stakeholder communications.
EY Reporting Magazine Issue 7
Issue 6
Reporting magazine Issue 6 
October 2013
In this issue we examined:
  • Rethinking global risks: What are the unexpected risks that companies should be watching for over the next few years?
  • Cyber security: the challenge: How should businesses respond to the growing threat of cybercrime?
  • The dangers of groupthink: The psychological phenomenon of groupthink can be particularly damaging for boards. How does it develop, and what can be done to combat it?
EY Reporting Magazine Issue 6
Issue 5
Reporting magazine Issue 5 
March 2013
In this issue we examined:
  • Running dry: As demand for water begins to outpace supply the second in our series on systemic risks examines the issues global business are facing and how they are tackling them.
  • How much is an idea worth?: Patents are big business but assessing their worth and then quantifying that value in financial statements is far from straight forward.
  • Remuneration in the spotlight: Growing shareholder influence is forcing remuneration committees to be more transparent, and to ensure that executive pay drives long-term sustainable value.
  • The importance of insight: How can disclosures be improved and is disclosure reduction really the central issue
EY Reporting Magazine Issue 5
Issue 4
Reporting magazine Issue 4 
November 2012
In this issue we examined:
  • Responsible capitalism: Ethical business models and the forms responsible capitalism takes
  • Risk: How business leaders can take a forward-looking view of strategic risk
  • Exiting the Eurozone: The implications for corporate reporters should a country be forced to leave the single currency
  • Emerging markets: Brazil's potential as an investment market
EY Reporting Magazine Issue 4
Issue 3
Reporting magazine Issue 3 
July 2012
In this issue we examined:
  • The numbers game: The "business of sport"- how do sports clubs account for the ever changing value of their stars?
  • Diversity in the boardroom: Board diversity - the benefits and initiatives that aim to increase it
  • Shining light on group reporting: The implications of new IFRS standards on group reporting
  • Bridging the perception gap: Kazakhstan as an investment destination
EY Reporting magazine, issue 3
Issue 2
Reporting magazine Issue 2 
April 2012
In this issue we examined:
  • Out of the shadows: The growing drive to report on human capital reporting
  • On the road: How to prepare a compelling investor roadshow for different parts of the world
  • Early adapters: Why it’s important to take a strategic approach to sustainability-related risks
  • Efficiency drive: How an effective finance function has become a source of competitor advantage for global companies
EY Reporting Magazine Issue 2
Issue 1
Reporting magazine Issue 1 
November 2011
In this first issue we examined:
  • A question of transparency: The impact that release of sensitive information through combination of technology and activism and organisations such as Wikileaks could have on corporate transparency
  • The remuneration game: The pressure on companies to disclose senior executive pay
  • Reporting: the future: How annual reports could be made more valuable
  • Islamic finance – the challenges of reporting: The challenges of reporting under Islamic Finance
  • Additional content: Plus interviews with Hans Hoogervorst, the new chairman of IASB, Guylaine Saucier, Audit Committee Chair of Areva, Danone and Wendel, Julie Meyer, CEO of Ariadne Capital, Hugh Young - Asia Managing Director of Aberdeen Asset Management and R Sankaraiah, Executive Director of Jubilant Life Sciences, a rapidly growing pharmaceutical and life sciences company.
EY Reporting Magazine Issue 1