Reporting Magazine: November 2012
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In today's uncertain economic times, the most successful organisations recognise that it is crucial to build and maintain the confidence of their stakeholders. By telling their performance story effectively and consistently to the investment community, regulators, commentators and customers, they earn support for growth and change.

While the empirical record of performance delivered through financial reports is central, effective reporting goes well beyond the numbers. Our Growing Beyond research shows that companies which consistently outperform their peers spend more time and attention explaining their business strategy, risk assessments, environmental performance and contribution to the societies of which they are part.

Reporting magazine brings together insights and ideas which we believe will interest and inform business executives who are involved in reporting in its broadest sense.

The latest issue examines:

  • Responsible capitalism: Ethical business models and the forms responsible capitalism takes.
  • Risk: How business leaders can take a forward-looking view of strategic risk.
  • Exiting the Eurozone: The implications for corporate reporters should a country be forced to leave the single currency.
  • Emerging markets: Brazil's potential as an investment market.


  • Professor Arnold Schilder, Chairman of the International Auditing and Assurance Standards Board, explains what could be done to make the auditor's report more informative
  • Michele J. Hooper, President and CEO of The Directors' Council, outlines how she thinks corporate reporting and governance can be improved
  • Douglas Clayton of Leopard Capital provides an investor's view of investment decisions in Southeast Asia
  • Charles Soludo, former Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, discusses the country's banking revolution