About EY CertifyPoint

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Founded in 2002, EY CertifyPoint is an accredited independent and impartial certification institute with experienced auditors all over the world certifying some of the top international organizations.

We focus on arranging, managing and utilizing certification of organization management systems and frameworks against various ISO standards. EY CertifyPoint is responsible for decisions about the granting, maintaining, extending, restricting, postponing and withdrawing of certifications. We perform the total certification path in accordance with procedures and guidelines which are included in specific quality manuals per ‘type’ of certification, for example certification of information security management systems like ISO/IEC27001.

Moreover, as we collaborate with experienced professionals within EY advisory, we can provide organizations with knowledgeable and highly qualified professionals. These professionals can assist in the implementation for various types of management systems and prepare organizations to obtain certification for their managements systems against ISO standards.

As we promote knowledge sharing, in EY CertifyPoint we communicate our knowledge and professional experience by providing Lead Implementer and Lead auditor courses, including certification, for ISO standards.

All activities of CertifyPoint take place within the scope of the policy and procedures as stated in its complete quality manual.

Statement of management commitment to impartiality

The following statement by the Director of CertifyPoint is made public to show the importance of impartiality for CertifyPoint.

“The management of CertifyPoint wants to convey to all relevant parties that it understands the importance of impartiality in carrying out our certification activities with regard to management system certification (like ISO/IEC27001 certification). CertifyPoint has defined and implemented extensive measures to prevent any possible conflict of interest to ensure the objectivity of our certification activities which are described in our quality manual”.

“Management of CertifyPoint wants to specify that CertifyPoint does not provide any advisory services to its certification clients due to restrictions as imposed by its Impartiality rules and Independence restrictions”.

For details of our accreditation registration (#C466), refer to www.rva.nl.